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emotional catchup

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master chief finds a cold resolve to fight the covnant.

Category: Halo - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy,Sci-fi - Published: 2007-09-17 - Updated: 2007-09-17 - 414 words

He walked through the ruins of reach, the last great stronghold before earth. Every thing was ruble and there were bodies every where, both of the enemy and his conrads. He stumbled through the ruins, a cold numbness filling him. He fell then rolled so his head was resting on a rock. "Cortana keep an eye out would you?" the only response was the cold feeling leaving his skull. He fell asleep after a few seconds of pondering the day's events.

It was a restless shallow sleep but he got some sleep. "Wake up!" he heard accompanied by the cold sensation rushing back in his skull. "its time to go. The covenant are leaving so if you want to get of this planet we should get going", all she got was a grunt in return.

John got up and started looking around, he found a carbine and stuck it next to his shotgun and picked up a few grenades. He saw his chance when he found a pelican and a few pounds of C12. He molded the C12 into a shaped charge on the front.

He took off and flew to a small covenant destroyer. When he got there he blasted a hole in the side and tossed in a few grenades then hopped in and gunned down the rest of the aliens in the compartment. He hooked his suite into the nearest computer. "Hey cortana would you mind cracking this?" 'no trouble at all' came the ghostly voice inside his head. He waited a full 4 seconds and then saw the computer come to life, he saw a translation on his heads up display. He found the life support button, pressed it and waited.

He heard a lot of thumping and the heard heavy footsteps coming near him. The he saw the giant pair of hunters coming for him. He found something to hold onto and pressed the touch screen on the computer and braced against the handle. The giant cargo bay doors opened and the hunter pair got sucked out of the ship. John pressed another button and the cargo bay doors closed again.

Spartan-117 unsealed his suite and walked to the bridge. He typed in the coordinates of earth, then thought better of it. "Hey cortana where do you suggest we go?" 'I've noticed increased activity on planet onyx, I think we should go there', john plugged his suite into the ship "make it so" and they blasted of into slip space.
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