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Blinded at the age of four, Harry Potter only wants to lead a normal life with his family. On his eleventh birthday, he finds out that he can have anything but...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama - Characters: Draco, Dudley, Harry, Petunia Dursley - Warnings: [!!] [?] [V] - Published: 2006/01/01 - Updated: 2006/01/02 - 4240 words


  • Blind Faith

    (#) whatareyouevensaying 2006-06-06 12:01:05 PM

    I can't wait to see what you've got in store. I only hope it involves every single character that's not Harry, Snape, Petunia or Dudley being hit repeatedly by the Cruciatus Curse. I'm moving on to the sequel now, but I'd feel like an ass if I didn't review this one first.

    Fantastic job...don't let those bastards get off too easily. I don't know how Dumbledore thinks Neville is "marked as his equal"...senile old bastard...
  • Blind Faith

    (#) yojorocks 2006-06-30 09:37:23 PM

    Very nice story, but it was a bit depressing on how alone Harry is in the world. Great job on the characterization though, especially with Hermione and Ron.
  • Blind Faith

    (#) masterwhiz 2006-07-08 04:41:34 PM

    excellent fic, one of the best i have read in a long time, only thing that i didn't like was yourr killing off Hedwig...
  • Blind Faith

    (#) Shaggy37 2006-07-10 10:06:07 AM

    awesome story, I can't wait to read the next chapter, it just kept getting better and better after each chapter I read, do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)
  • Blind Faith

    (#) telmah 2006-08-14 12:51:48 PM

    intriguing story so far! I eagerly anticipate reading the sequel. I like that the characters are all flawed in some way, and quite human. I do hope you keep at least Harry straight. I don't mind some slash in supporting stories, but for some reason Harry/slash always seems to squick me. Dunno why. I don't know why I am even asking that, but something about how you wrote one of the scenes with Draco suggested growing attraction as more-than friends... Anyway, hope I haven't offended you.
    Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us.
  • Blind Faith

    (#) Dragen 2006-10-06 10:45:13 AM

    What a great end to the story, I can't wait to see what happens next... at least Harry will get his sixth sense back... but how could you kill Hedwig :( she was Harry's first ture firend of the wizarding world... keep up the great work.
  • Blind Faith

    (#) darthme1011 2007-12-15 09:11:14 AM

    how could you kill hedwig your evil evil evil
  • Blind Faith

    (#) glrasshopper 2009-01-03 04:30:52 PM

    This is a fantastic story. I've read a few where Harry has a disability of some type, but they are all... I don't know, maybe too made-up. From what experience I've had with disabled people, this just feels right.

    Keep it up. I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to whether you do a Goblet rewrite as well. I think It'd be a fun read to see how he deal with a Veela nearby. Also to see what your take is on whether Dumbledore would try to stack the competition in Neville's favour.
  • Blind Faith

    (#) garsdal 2009-11-17 10:28:13 AM

    hedwig is dead...
    Avada Kadavra!

    voldies equal? just cuz he can see? BOLUCKS TO THAT
  • Blind Faith

    (#) Moridin89 2010-04-26 11:12:50 AM

    You did a really great job with this exceptional piece of fanfiction; might I recommend posting it on There's a lot more traffic on that site, and I imagine that there's a large audience that would enjoy it just as much as I did.

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