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Kat and star...wait...who?

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Ray, Ray, who's got the Ray?? Well...your about to find out...

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"Maybe...OH MY GOD!! Maybe he was kidnapped by scary vampire wannabe teenagers and taken back to their eery cave lined with blood and guts where they threw him in a cooking pot and....and....AND ATE HIM!" Cried Frank, as we sat in Rays kitchen drinking coffee, trying to figure out where he had gone. We all stared at Frank, eyebrows raised. "What? could happen" Insisted Frank. We didnt bother arguing with him, just went back to staring into space. I was wondering whether to suggest calling the police when we heard a key turning in the lock of the front door. Instantly we all stared at it. "D'ya think its him!?" Cried Frank, face lighting up. We all grinned, of course it was him. Who else would it be? "Err...we've just drank the expensive coffee he was saving..." Mumbled Gerard. We all cried 'SHIT' and ran to the sink, out of view of the door and quickly began putting the cups in the sink, hoping he would believe us when we said it wasnt the expensive stuff. We heard the door open and a female voice say "Five minutes, get all the stuff you need and then we're leaving. So wheres you bedroom?" We all looked at eachother...Ray was with a girl... and they were collecting his stuff... We all ran out of the kitchen, eager to see this mystery woman who was with Ray. "RAY! HEY D - HOLY HELL!" I yelled as Ray turned to stare at me, a woman stood behind him with a gun to his back which she now put to his head and put an arm round his shoulders. The others stopped when they saw what was going on and we stood in a line staring, gobsmacked, at Ray. "Dont come near us or I'll kill him!" She threatened. Her voice maniacal.
"Ray...whats going on?" Asked Frank, sounding afraid.
"Guys I -" Ray began but he was cut off as the woman slapped him.
"I do the talking!" She yelled. Ray bit his lip and looked pleadingly at us. "You -" She shouted at Frank who began shaking. "- Lead the way to Rays room...NOW!" Frank yelped and walked over to the stairs, the woman gave a loud whistle and instantly another woman ran into the house. "Mark him" Ordered the one holding Ray. The other woman ran up to Frank and held the point of the gun to Franks back. Gerard gasped and the one with Ray smiled. "Oooh...looks like we got a bit of a queer couple." She chuckled. Gerard swallowed nervously. "You three, follow." She ordered. Me, Gerard and Mikey walked behind Frank and the woman with Ray walked up the stairs behind us. We stopped in Rays room. "Now then, you, pack his bags, get all his clothes and his toiletrees." Ordered the one with Ray. Frank looked like he didnt know what to do. "DO IT OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Yelled the woman with the gun on Frank. Frank whimpered and grabbed Rays bag and began packing his clothes, a gun held to his head. Once Rays stuff was packed we were taken back downstairs. The two women stood in the doorway, Frank and Ray still with them. "Well it was nice meeting you guys..." Said the one with Ray. "Hey Kat, can I keep this one? Pleeeaseeee...he's soooo cute.." Begged the one holding Frank, fondling his hair. Frank looked petrifed, the one called Kat looked thoughtful. "Please. Come on cutey" Said the other one going to walk away with Frank.
"NO -" Yelled Gerard taking a step foreward looking paniced, I siezed him by the shoulders and pulled him back as the one holding Frank spun round and slammed the gun to his head again. "Let him go Star, he's no use to us." Said Kat. Star pouted.
"But I wanna keep him!" She moaned.
"I SAID LET HIM GO!" Shouted Kat. Star rolled her eyes and shoved Frank away from her, instantly Frank ran to Gerard, diving into his arm and wrapping his legs round his waist, whimpering into his shoulder as Gerard hugged him close. "Aaaaw, what a cute couple" Giggled Kat. Star giggled too and Gerard put Frank down but their hands clasped. "Well, we'll be seeing ya. Thanks for all your help" Said Kat turning and walking away, we all steppeed forward and Star pointed her gun at us.
"Oh no you dont" She smiled, once Ray and Kat were in the black van at the end of the drive, Star blew Frank a kiss, waved at us all and then slammed the door shut. By the time we had ran over and pulled the door open the van was already speeding away. We stood dumbfounded until it rounded the corner. "What the fuck..." Mumbled Mikey. Hmm...what the fuck indeed.

A/N: Sorry this chapter was so short, just a filler sort of thing, well, now we all know whats happened to Ray...well we know the names of his captives at least. ^ ^ Oh deary dear, what is going to happen!? XD I'll update sooooon - reviews are looooved. hint hint
Love ya' xxx
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