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We're goin on an adentuuuure!!

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Lets save Ray!

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I chewed thoughtfully on my bottom lip and Joyce placed a hand on my knee. "Why dont you just ring the police?" She asked. Gerard instantly began shaking his head. "Well whats the worst that could happen?" She asked.
"I dont know, but I just know we shouldnt get the police involved." Gerard answered. Joyce frowned.
"So what are you going to do?" She asked.
"Maybe we should go look for him." Suggested Mikey.
"You know what guys, I think your refusing to call the police because you want to do this yourself because your all looking for an adventure." Said Joyce. We all stared at her, our faces saying it all. She blushed and looked at her feet. " could be a possibility" She mumbled. I got up and walked over to the window, looking out over the front garden and driveway. "Whatever we do we need to do it fast. Who knows why those freaks have got Ray." I said. No one replied, they were all looking thoughtful, everyone except for Frank who was in a state of shock and flicking moodily through the newpaper. Suddenly he gave an excited yell and sprung to his feet, clutching the paper, we all looked at him. "What is it?" Asked Gerard. Frank was grinning like mad and jumping up and down.
"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" He cried.
"What!?" We all asked.
"LOOK!" Cried Frank turning the paper to show us a picture of Star and Kat. "THEY'VE ESCAPED FROM PRISON!" Frank yelled excitedly. I siezed the paper off him and scanned the article. " Twins Melissa and Danni Hops, also known as Kat and Star, escaped from a local prison earlier this week after spending nine weeks inside for attempted murder of their own mother. It is believed the two women have a mental condition and are a danger to members of the public yadda yadda yadda...err...The two women lived with thier parents in a small house blah blah blah....OH MY GOD! - When the house was investigated police found home made torture devices in the girls basement with blood dried on them...It is thought the women have gone to a wood ranch in the woods that the family visited every summer. If anyone has witnessed the two women then ring the police on this number..." I looked up from the paper, my mouth hanging open, as was everyone elses except for Frank who was jumping up and down still. "Oh my god..." Mumbled Mikey.
"How? We dont even know where the ranch is." Said Gerard.
"Yes we do! Its in the article, its in Rushmore Woods. How hard can it be to find the Ranch?" Asked Frank.
"Er... Hard. Those woods are huge. We could search all year and not find it." I said.
"We should try though" Insisted Frank. I looked round at the others, secretly agreeing with Frank. What did we have to lose after all? "Come on guys. Are you with me?" He asked. "You know what Frank? I'm with you. I think we should go look for Ray" I said. Frank grinned and I walked over to him as if choosing a side.
"Bob..?" Gerard looked shocked.
"What? We dont have anything to lose." I said truthfully. Mikey ran his tongue over his lower lip, looking unsure of himself and then slowly he walked over to me and Frank. "Your right..." He said quietly. We all looked at Gerard who still didnt look sure.
"Come on Gee...We cant just do nothing." Said Frank, when Gerard still didnt look sure Frank gave him puppy dog eyes. "Pwease Geward" He begged. Gerard rolled his eyes. "Alright. But only because I dont want the police involved in this." He said walking over to us. I grinned and high fived him. Joyce got to her feet.
"So...when will you go look for Ray?" She asked. We all looked at eachother.
"Tommorow." Said Frank. "We'll go to the woods and search for that Ranch" He said. Joyce smiled at us all.
"I'll make you all some sandwiches to take with you since you'll probably be there all day" She said walking into the kitchen. I smiled lovingly at her as she walked past and Frank began jumping up and down again. "WOO! WE'RE GONNA SAVE RAY!" He cried. We all laughed but deep inside we were all nervouse and wondering whether we really should call the police...

A/N: Yeah...sorry that my chapters are really short now. :( I dont think they'll be getting much longer, sorry. But hope your all enjoying it would be good!!
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