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Longer chapter.

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They found Ray...

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We stood outside the woods, just staring at the trees as if they were our death sentence. I took a step forward and instantly the guys did too. "Which path should we take?" I asked.
"Just choose one." Said Gerard, he sounded like he was about to puke.
"Use the one that looks like it been least used." Said Mikey.
"How does that work?" I asked.
"Because it means not a lot of people go along it, if people have gone along the path leading to the ranch then they'll have called the police." Mikey explained.
"I never knew you were that clever Mikey" Said Frank, Mikey looked like he didnt know whether that was an insult or a compliment. I looked at a path that was so thin it looked like it had only been used a few times. "This one." I decided walking over to it. The others followed me. Was I the leader? It seemed like it as I led the way down the path.
We followed it for half the day then stopped to eat. We had got so deep in the woods the trees blocked out the sunlight and we were certain no ranch would be around here. "Maybe we should go back and choose another path." Suggested Mikey. Gerard shook his head.
"Theres no point walking aimlessly round the woods, we'll go along this path to the end and then go back if its the wrong one and each day we'll go on a different path." He said. I quickly agreed, just wanting us to have some kind of a plan.
After eating we walked for a few more hours, eventually the trees began to spread out and we knew we were coming out of the thick of the woods. It would be late evening by the time we got back to the car. I was wondering whether we really should go back when Frank yelled out. We all spun round, Frank had tripped over and landed flat on his face. "Frankie? Are you okay?" Asked Gerard walking over to him, Frank sighed moodily as he got to his feet, Gerard helping him.
"Agh...I've twisted my ankle." Gasped Frank as his ankle gave way and he fell into Gerards arms.
"Can you wa -" Gerard stopped, both he and Frank were staring at something in the trees. Their eyes were wide and they stayed stock still.
"Guys? What is it?" I asked walking over to them with Mikey.
"Is everything okay?" Asked Mikey. We followed their gaze and I gasped when I saw a medium sized wood ranch, a huge padlock on the door and the windows covered in black tape. "I - its the ranch..." Mumbled Mikey. We all began walking over to it, Gerard supporting Frank. Me and Mikey soon ran ahead, we walked over to the door and I wrapped my hand round the padlock. It was heavy and strong. I tugged on it, it rattled but there was no way I would be able to pull it off. Gerard and Frank arrived and looked wistfully at the padlock. "Theres no way we can get in" Said Frank miserably as Mikey tried to peer through the windows, but there was no gap in the tape and impossible to see inside. Me, Mikey and Gerard left Frank sitting by the door, massaging his ankle as we went round the ranch trying to find an open window, a weakness in the walls - anything that could get us inside. We found nothing. We went back round to the door, Frank looked at us hopefully and we shook our heads, making him look sadly at his ankle. "What are we gonna do?" Asked Gerard, sitting next to Frank and putting his arm round him.
"Not much we can do. We should go back to the car but now we're here we're soooo close. And besides, Frank can barely walk. But...theres no point just sitting outside and we might be able to pick the lock." Mikey seemed to be getting angrier with each word he said.
"Mikey, I doubt you'll be able to pick this lock." I said, Mikey sighed.
"I know its just - Rays in there and we dont even know if he's safe or why they've got him and he might be getting tortured by those wierdos and all we can do is just sit here and and..." Mikey gave an angry yell and punched the window. If it had shattered it would have been just like in a movie, when all seems lost and then anger gets your hope back...but the window didnt shatter. It didnt crack, it didnt even shake. All that did happen was Mikey bruised his knuckles and gasped in pain and spent the next five minutes dancing around rubbing his knuckles on his shirt and repeating 'fuck' over and over again. "This useless..." Whined Frank, resting his head on Gerards chest and closing his eyes in despair. Anger suddenly took over me too and I yelled "For fucks sake!" Before kicking the side of the ranch, pain through my foot and up my leg. I yelled out and began hopping around. "Well well well....what do we have here?" I turned and saw Kat and Star walking over to the ranch, they must have gone somewhere and were now returning. In thier hands they held shopping bags. "You went shopping?" I cried.
"Yep...over the other side of town where no one would recognise us." Said Star with a giggle. Frank clung tighter to Gerard and Star waggled her fingers at him. "Heya Frankie...I hoped I would see you again." She said. Franks eyes grew wide and he practically strangled Gerard trying to hug him tighter. Kat put down her bags and pulled a gun out of a holster in her jacket and pointed it at us. "I guess you boys came to see Ray huh?" None of us answered. "All of you stand to the side of the door." She ordered, loading the gun. I gulped and stepped back with Mikey to the side of the door. Gerard gently picked Frank up and stood beside me. Kat walked over to the door and keeping her eyes and the gun on us, she unlocked the padlock and pushed open the door. "Right - get inside." She ordered, I limped after Mikey into the ranch, Gerard carrying Frank who was whimpering like a scared puppy. We were stood in a comfy looking living room next to a kitchen. There were stairs on one side of the room and two doors in one of the walls. "Go through the left door." Ordered Kat, walking in with Star and putting the bags on one of the kitchen counters. We went to the left door but it was locked. Kat rolled her eyes and walked over to unlock it. Star was stood looking at Frank and licking her lips. It made me shiver with nerves. Kat pushed open the door and turned a light on. Stairs led down into a basement. I remembered the newspaper article mentioning the torture devices in their old house and my heart soared into my throat so I couldnt speak, couldnt breathe... "Go down the stairs. I'll come down later to see how you all are." Said Kat and laughing she slammed the door, leaving us stood at the top of the stairs, our hearts pounding. "Holy shit..." Whispered Gerard. Silently we walked down the stairs, at the bottom we looked around the basement, it was empty and dark. The single light bulb wasnt very bright and cast an eery glow over the walls. Hunched in a corner was a figure with big hair. "Ray!" I cried, I hobbled over and crouched down infront of Ray. One leg was stretched out, the other pulled up, his body slumped over his knee. "Ray?" I asked, he was pale and I fear filled my lungs with ice. Mikey and Gerard hurried over. Gerard placed Frank down and we all stared at Ray. "Is he dead?" Squeaked Frank. I poked Ray and he gave a quiet groan. I poked him again and he lazily waved his hand as if getting rid of a fly. "Ray, Ray its us!" I cried, shaking him gently by the shoulder.
"Please...go more..." Mumbled Ray.
"What? Ray?" I asked. Ray gingerly lifted his head. His eyes grew wide when he saw us, our eyes grew wide when we saw him. A long gash ran along the left side of his face and his other cheek was swollen. "Oh my god!" We all cried, including Ray.
"What are you guys doing here!?" He cried.
"We came to save you - what happened to your face!" Cried Gerard. Ray gingerly lifted his fingers to his face and flinched.
"Those crazy bitches thats what. You guys are here to save me? Really? We better go, they'll be back soon" Ray began to get to his feet but Gerard layed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. Ray sat back down. "They got you too huh?" He said. We all nodded, Ray sighed and nodded back. He looked ready to cry.
"We're sorry Ray..." Whispered Mikey. Ray shook his head.
"You tried, and at least I'm not alone any more." He said, forcing a smile. I couldnt return it though no matter how hard I tried. I felt like such a failure. I leaned back against the wall and stretched my legs out infront of me, my foot throbbed with pain and I wondered whether Joyce would realise we had been captured and would call the police. I secretly hoped she would.

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