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Let the games begin

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Franks ankle gets broken, and the guys are given a chance to play for their freedom...

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It felt like we were down in that basement for days, but it could only have been a few hours. Gerard and Mikey went to see if they could find anything interesting in there, but it was completely empty. Not even torture devices. We were silent, each of us wondering what we could do. But we could only sit here and wait. Eventually a small beam of light signalled the door had been opened and we all looked up the stairs. Kat was stood there, gun in hand. She looked at each of us thoughtfully before smiling and starting down the stairs. "I've decided we're going to play a little game. Each person has to come up here, one at a time, and they have to do something. If they succeed they get to leave unharmed. If they fail, they have to come back to the basement and their safety wont be garunteed" She stopped halfway down the stairs and grinned. "We've decided Frankie can go first." She said. Frank looked at us all with wide frightened eyes. "Come on Frankie, dont be scared" Giggled Kat. Frank struggled towards the stairs, he had no choice but to go. Gerard helped him up the stairs but as soon as they reached Kat she put his arm round her shoulders "You go back" She snapped at Gerard and he obediantly came back down. Frank had no choice but to lean on Kat as she helped him up the stairs and through the door, shutting it behind her and leaving us in total darkness. We went back and sat down against the wall again. "What do you think he has to do?" Asked Mikey quietly.
"It'll be something really horrible, they wont want to risk him 'succeeding'." Said Ray angrily. Gerard stared at the stairs as if something was there.
"They wont hurt him will they Ray?" He asked, not moving his gaze. Ray licked his lips and glanced at us. It was clear what the answer was.
"Well..." Ray stopped.
"Its okay. You dont have to tell me" Said Gerard, catching the hint. We were silent after that. Waiting and listening for any sound of what was going on but we couldnt hear anything. Somehow, the silence made everything worse. "He'll be okay Gee. He's tough" Said Mikey.
"Yeah..." Mumbled Gerard. I sighed and let my head fall back on the wall. This whole thing was insane and I couldnt stand it. After a while I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of the door being opened and we all looked up to see Frank being shoved down the stairs, he didnt get far before his ankle gave way and he tumbled down to the bottom. Star laughed cruelly and shut the door. "FRANKIE!" Cried Gerard, he ran over to Franks sobbing form and picked him up, gently hugging him. "Shh, its okay. Its okay I;ve got you" He soothed. Gerard walked back over to us and sat down, cuddling Frank in his lap. We all wanted to ask what had happened, but Frank was crying so hard it was clear now wasnt the time. Soon his crying calmed and he wiped his eyes. "Sorry..." He mumbled.
"What for?" Asked Gerard.
"For crying like that" Frank whispered. Gerard smiled and cuddled Frank closer, kissing his wet cheeks.
"Thats nothing to be sorry about." He said. Frank gave a weak smile.
"What happened Frankie?" Asked Mikey. Frank looked sadly at the floor.
"I failed. I wont be allowed to go." He said.
"What did you have to do?" I asked. He looked up at us and sighed.
"I was tied up and blindfolded and they just left me there for ages and then they told me I could go if I slept with them." He paused as we allowed this information to sink in. It left us all feeling sick and he continued. "I said no so they kicked me over and over and told me I was gay and they kept throwing insults at me but I didnt care and then they said I had to be punished for failing and they got my bad ankle and..." Fresh tears leaked down his face and he took a deep breath before carrying on. "And they broke it and then they told me that I could still go if I shot Gee and I said no so they brought me back here." Frank was instantly hugged by all of us at once.
"Let me check your ankle." Said Gerard and he gently pulled up the bottom of Franks jeans. His ankle was a purpley blue colour and you could see the bone had almost broke through the skin. Frank bit his lip to stop himself crying and I looked away, unable to stand the sight of his ankle. "Those bitches." Snarled Mikey. The door re - opened and our heads snapped to see who it was. Kat. "Okay. Next person. I think we'll have..." She looked at us all. "Hmm...Gerard. Why dont you come up here honey?" She cooed. Gerard didnt move, the murderous look on his face said it all. Kat pointed her gun at Frank. "Come with me or I'll kill your preciouse boyfriend." She snarled. Gerard reluctantly moved Frank off his lap and got to his feet. Frank whimpered and Gerard gently kissed his lips before walking across the basement and up the stairs. Kat smiled and waited until he had gone through the door before slamming it shut. Leaving us in darkness once again.

A/N: Whats gonna happen to Gee. Will he fail? Will he succeed? I'll try to update very soon! :)
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