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Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz, never liked hair.

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Ray's p.o.v ^^ and we finally get to see what Mikey's plan was all about... lol

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Ray was probably the only one in the band that didn’t like hair. He never had and he swore that he never will. Hair was just a tool to hide the fact that you were bald, that’s right. Ray was not afraid to admit it, and he couldn’t see why everybody was so afraid of losing their hair. Of course he would have been terrified if he had lost his hair, but that was a completely different story that he didn’t want to think about.

The day the rest of the band had manage to straighten his hair was a pretty epic day, because Ray swore it would never happen again. Not if all four of them sat on him, not if the world ended. Nope, never again.

It had pissed him off when he had first found Gerard’s scrapbook. With his hair in it! Okay, so maybe 2 pictures wasn’t a lot, but the point was that they were in it! And Ray hadn’t approved of it!

And there was another thing about his hair; he hated it when people touched it. It was just creepy! It was something private, for example you wouldn’t want people to touch your butt! Well at least not random people or people like Gerard, because that would be really creepy. And that’s why he couldn’t understand why fans wanted to touch his fro! Next time some one touched it, he was going to touch their butt! And then maybe they would stop doing it!
Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, because the fans would think he was a paedophile of some sort, and that would be really bad. It would be all over the news in no time, parents would refuse their kids to go to concerts, and the only fans that would be left were those over 18.Gerard would be fucking pissed, and so would the rest of the band. But Gerard was the one he was the most scared of, that dude was scary when he was mad! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, maybe he should just give the person an evil glare. Yeah, that was probably the best solution. No butt touching and definitely no other parts either… Ray sighed; there was no way they were going to stop.

But back to what was really important. Bob. To calm him down, burn that fucking book and sue whoever made that stupid hair song! Yes, in that exact order too.

Gerard had looked shocked when he had heard Bob’s sobbing, and then sad. Ray actually pitied him. It was not his fault that Bob didn’t like the song.

“Dude, don’t be sad. You couldn’t know”. He said and patted Gerard on the back.

“I just can’t understand how anybody can’t like the song”, Gerard answered looking tearfully at Frank. Ray could feel his blood boil. Gerard wasn’t sad because Bob cried, he was sad because some one didn’t like that stupid song! It took all his willpower not to jump Gerard right there and punch him.

Frank looked taken back over Gerard’s words and was now staring at Gerard with an open mouth. Slowly opening it before closing it again, like a goldfish.

“You got issues”, Ray pointed out, still pretty upset over Gerard’s words.

“Why do you people keep saying that!?” Gerard replied annoyed forgetting that he was supposed to be sad. Ray looked over at Frank for an explanation. Frank just shook his head and sighed.

‘Don’t ask’, he mouthed.

Suddenly Bob’s sobbing stopped and all they could hear was the sound of the wheels when they hit the pavement and the faint sound on the buss’s engine. Mikey had finally managed to calm him down. And all three boys sighed in relieve, even Gerard

“Well?” Gerard continued still waiting for an answer. Ray was just about to open his mouth and tell him that the only reason they kept saying was because it was true. No, not really, he was gonna say that he had no idea. Because that would be the safe way and he wouldn’t get hurt.

But before Ray had the chance to answer him, they heard something that sounded like a ninja squeal (well, if ninjas squealed that is). And then the sound of someone running and then tripping followed by some curses. Mikey showed up in the sitting area carrying Gerard’s scrapbook. He looked around in the little room for a couple of seconds before he jumped Gerard, holding the scrapbook up high while ‘ninja’ squealing. He then started hitting Gerard with the book while squealing

The horrified expression on Gerard’s face was priceless and it took all of Ray’s and Frank’s willpower not to laugh. Gerard wasn’t just about to give in so easily and started hitting back and screaming very high pitched, like a girl, and they were rolling around on the floor hitting each other, and Gerard was trying desperately to take his precious hair scrapbook away from Mikey.

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