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Frank Anthony Iero, slightly disgusted .

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Gerard seriously has some issues...

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Frank didn’t have any special relationship with hair. He just liked to change it a lot. To have some change in his boring life, well not as boring as a ‘normal’ life probably would have been…

Frank knew that his bandmates had lots of opinions on hair, especially Ray. Everyday he would hear him mumbling to the mirror about how horrible his hair was today and stuff like that. Occasionally Mikey would rant to him about the importance with straightning your hair and why Frank should never touch his hair straightener… Honestly it was just too tempting not to touch it when it was just screaming, calling for him to touch it. To pull out the plug.
This usually resulted in a very pissed of Mikey and a very hysterical laughing Frank.

Gerard was an entire chapter for himself. To think that Ray was bad was just a drop in the ocean compared to Gerard. That dude was practically obsessed, singing that hair sang whenever he had the opportunity, trying to touch Frank’s hair whenever he could and so on and so on. Frank couldn’t understand why everybody was so upset about the song, it was just some harmless singing, didn’t hurt anybody (except from maybe Bob, but they all knew he would break down sometime, a person couldn’t possibly keep all those emotions looked inside…). And the touching his hair part was actually kinda nice. Nobody touched like Gerard, it was like he enjoyed it, every fibre of it, the smell, and the color. It was in lack of better words, great! Not even his fiancée touched it like that, and Frank wanted it to be loved…

Speaking about Gerard and hair, Frank was still looking for that hairbrush that had miraculously disappeared last tour. Frank had a sneaky suspicion that Gerard had stolen it and was hiding it in his suitcase, touching it whenever Frank wasn’t around and he needed his daily dose of Frank’s hair. How Frank had gotten this idea from he had no idea, but seeing it was only Gerard who liked his hair and if it was a fan they would probably have stolen a pair of his boxers or something instead of his hairbrush… Except if they were making a voodoo doll, but he would rather not think about that.

Frank also wondered why everyone was talking about a scrapbook and why suddenly everyone went crazy. First Gerard, then Bob, so Ray and now Mikey. In that moment Frank decided never to drink water again, because clearly that must have been what had happened to them. That or the fact that they all liked meat, yeah that was probably it. Frank was never gonna start to eat meat again, it only meant trouble and obviously some crazy stuff.

Frank stared at the book Mikey was hitting Gerard with; he was trying to figure out if it was that famous scrapbook they were all talking about. “Gerard Way’s Hair Scrapbook”, the title read. Hair! Gerard had a hair scrapbook!?! Frank desperately needed to get his hands on that book! Maybe it said something about the whereabouts of his hairbrush because it had been a great brush that had never failed and it had been so soft.

Without really thinking it through, Frank jumped into the fight between the two Way brothers, snatched the scrapbook and ran to the bathroom locked the bathroom. Leaving three stunned guys with their mouths open.

It took Gerard exactly 5 seconds to understand what was going on; Frank had the book. The book he wasn’t supposed to see or to even know existed. Oh the horror! Gerard ran towards the bathroom and started yelling to Bob to open the door (because Bob still hadn’t left it).

Both Ray and Mikey thought and did exactly the same thing as Gerard.

Bob on the other hand, refused to listen to them and had put both his hands to his ears, trying to block out the sound. Frank completely ignored all four of them and opened the book.

His first reaction was shock, and as he continued to turn the pages the shock expanded into horror. This was bad, worse than he had ever thought. Gerard didn’t like his hair; he fucking loved it and was obsessed over it! He was so obsessed that it scared Frank, a lot. On the last page there was a picture of Gerard and his beloved brush, hugging! That was the last straw! Right then and there Frank decided to shave and wear wig a rest of his life! That would teach Gerard not to steal his brush!!!!!

He had always known that Gerard liked his hair, but never this bad or this extreme. The first thing he was gonna do was to flush-… Okay so maybe he shouldn’t flush it down the toilet because then it would be stuck there and Gerard would probably found some weird way to rescue it.

Slowly he crept towards the small window, he quickly opened it and threw the damned book through it. Relieve overcame him and he was relaxed for the first time since he had opened the book, maybe he didn’t have to shave after all. Though Frank had a weird feeling that the pictures would hit the Internet that same day.

Meanwhile on the other side of the door, the three guys had lost their voiced and had converted to knocking in stead. Until suddenly Gerard started hitting himself in the head, and stuck one of his hands down into one of his jeans pockets, relieving a key. The spare key. Both Ray and Mikey looked angrily at Gerard who just shrugged in response and stuck the key into the keyhole.

All three of them stormed into the small space that was now as fully packed as a small bus toilet could get.

“It’s gone”, Frank said simply while leaning against the sink

Gerard looked bewildered at Frank before he burst into tears and braced Frank into a hug (making sure to ruffle his hair on the way).

If perhaps Gerard had been able to talk he would have said something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but I just can’t help loving your hair. Please forgive me”. But since he couldn’t, Frank never really got an explanation to why Gerard acted the way he did.

But somehow Frank understood and whispered softly into Gerard’s ear.

“Hey, it’s okay. I forgive you this time, but if you ever do something like that again I might have to get a restraining order, and that would have been kinda bad seeing we’re in the same band and stuff”.

Gerard nodded eagerly into the hug.

“And you know what? The next time you feel the urge to steal my favorite hairbrush, please ask first. Okay?”

Once again Gerard nodded eagerly, silently hoping that Frank didn’t know about all the hair he had gathered into a huge ball and that he hid under his pillow…

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you; Gerard Arthur Way, incurable hair addict.

A/N: so there we have it, the very last chapter tear. I'm gonna be completely honest and say that this was inspired by a guy in my math, he seriously has the best hair ever! I guess I'm kinda obsessed with hair myself, though not as bad as Gerard.. lol.
Comments means a lot to me, they make me feel appreciated and they give me reason for staying up until 3 am in the morning finishing the story without proofreading it...Thanks a lot to everyone that reviewed! =)
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