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Chapter 1

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Jon's guilty. But is he as guilty as he thinks? Can some issues be worked out? Trust regained?

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This Story is dedicated to Natalie. She supports me when I have writers block, and gives me hugs. She points out where my writing is flawed, and yet she still reads it XD. I was inspired to write for her. I love you Natalie. You’re the best. hugs

Chapter One
Jon wiped the sweat off his brow as he gently set his bass down, leaning it against the dressing room couch. He sat down, as Brendon was currently monopolizing the bathroom so that it was unavailable, and dialed number one on the speed dial. He thought it was about to go to message when a sweet feminine voice answered with “Hello?”

“Hey Babe,” he grinned, leaning back on the couch, “I was just thinking about you.”

“Jon?” the voice replied, the voice rising in happiness, “Jon, baby I miss you! How was the show, did it just end?”

“I miss you too Macey. And yes, the show just ended. It went brilliantly! Anyway, I think we’re going to a club just as soon as Brendon gets out of the shower and we all can change. Only a couple of weeks we’ll be on our way home.” He smiled into the phone.

“You let Brendon shower first again, didn’t you,” Macey said knowingly on the other end, slightly reprovingly, but lightheartedly.

“Uh, well I don’t know if ‘let’ is the right word, sweetie. He just kind of…gets there first…”

“Mmmhmmm…” She said prompting him,

“…Or…..pushes….or…nudges….or…calls shotgun,” Jon finished with a laugh. Smiling at the sound of his girlfriend’s laugh joining his.

“That does sound more accurate.” She giggled, before the two lapsed into a comfortable silence, “So….” She said after a couple of minutes, “Two weeks before I can kiss you again?”

“We’ll only kiss?” Jon grinned teasingly with a pout, but continued seriously, “I know, three months has been such a long time without you babe.”

They continued on in this manner: Teasing, joking, laughing, cooing, until Ryan walked by and smacked Jon upside the head.

“DUDE!” Ryan said, “You’ve been on the phone for an hour! You’re the only who hasn’t showered yet! GO SHOWER or we’re leaving without you man, and we all know you hate to miss a party.”

“Alright, alright,” Jon hissed impatiently as Ryan, then turned back to Macey on the phone, “Babe, I have to go, the guys are hating on me again.”

“Awww, my Jonny-boy neeeeeds his wittle girly to protect him from his big bad band mates” Macey smiled in a baby voice, “its okay baby, I understand, you need to go, I can practically smell your sweat over the phone. Go shower and have a good time. I’ll be thinking about you, I love you….”

“I love you too, more than I can say.” He said softly, as Ryan and Spencer rolled eyes at each other over the mushy moment Jon was sharing with Macey.

“Bye,” She made a kissing sound over the phone,

“Talk later,”

Beep. He hung up and turned to Ryan, “You need to get a girlfriend dude, you like, don’t understand the special bond that couples share, so you have to bug people who DO understand it.” He made a face, grinning inwardly at Ryan’s eye roll as he stood, and headed to the shower.

As he turned the hot water up and felt the water pouring down his body, he thought about his life, and Macey, is girlfriend of one and a half years. They had recently moved together to Las Vegas so Jon could be closer to the band. It had been tough on Macey, giving up her former job for a new one, but he was so pleased that she had done it for him, and together they were getting on well. He was convinced that she was ‘the one’ and was now only contemplating how and when he would ask her. He smiled at the thought. At the thought of when he could be with her forever.

After five minutes, yes he showered quickly, he jumped out, dried off, and pulled on a pair of polka dot boxers, blue jeans, and a blue button up dress shirt; a relaxed look, but very nice.

“Kay guys, lets go party,” He joked, stepping into the main room and adjusting collar. As he was in a relationship, he rarely went out with out Macey, but when he did it was with the guys, and just for some after concert celebratory drinks with them. A little clubbing never hurt anyone.


“DUDE!” Jon was shouting over the pounding beat playing over the speakers of the packed club, “IS IT LOUD IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME?” He moved a little to the beat watching Ryan getting his jiggy on with some blonde near the DJ’s booth.

“YOU’RE STANDING BY THE SPEAKERS.” Brendon shouted back.

“CAN YOU GET ME A” the dance ended and there was a pause of silence as the DJ switched songs, “DRINK!....”Jon coughed nervously as people near him turned to stare through the silence, “Drink…” the music started again, a similar pounding beat that rattled the bones and split one’s head and hearing in half.

“SURE!” Brendon shouted back, heading to the bar.

A blonde woman stepped in front of Jon, “DON”T BOTHER… HERE!” She handed him a full glass of beer.

“WOW, THANKS.” He grinned, recognizing the girl as one who often hung out backstage at their shows, a groupie or sorts. She winked and walked away, leaving Jon a little stunned. Usually it was Brendon they winked and flirted with, but that was an obvious come on.

A few drinks later, a few hours later, Jon, more than a little tipsy, found himself face to face with the girl again, only this time he was laughing at something supposedly witty that she had said.

“You wanna dance?” She asked, leaning in and speaking into his ear so she didn’t have to shout.
Feeling a buzzing in his head and a bit of an alcohol high he grinned and grabbed her hand, pulling her onto the jammed pack dance floor, forcing them to stand closer than a man in a relationship should stand to a girl he doesn’t even really know.

“I’m Giselle.” She smiled, “And I’ve always thought you were hot.” She winked again, grinding against him to the beat of the music.

He found himself pulling her back to the booth Panic! Was sitting at, although the others were all either dancing, in the bathroom, or getting a drink. He was sitting down with her, downing another drink, and laughing sloppily, a pleasant foggy haze in his mind.

“So you see our shows often,” He slurred, slinging an arm around her shoulders in a friendly manner.

“Yeah, I kind of follow you around,” She lowered her voice seductively; “I’m a big fan.” She moved a little closer, Jon just sat there hazily, not realizing what she was doing, how she was planning on using him, “How dedicated you are to music,” she moved a little closer, “is truly amazing,” And the next the Jon knew, her eyes had closed and her lips had met his in a drunken kiss. The taste of was alcohol mingling between their mouths. His mind spun… he let her deepen the kiss. She had wrapped one arm around his neck, pressed herself on top of him in the booth and was running her fingers through his hair before what was happening, what he was doing, registered with him like a train crash. He pushed her away disgustedly, wiping his mouth and downing a drink before exclaiming, “No! No! I’m in a relationship, what the FUCK are you doing?”

“Jon I thought—“ She smirked; “Besides she wouldn’t have to—“ But she was cut of by Jon.

“Get away! Just get the fuck away from me.” His heart dropped as he sank back down onto the booth, burying his head in his hands.

“Well if you come to your senses and change your mind,” she said somewhat coldly, “Here’s my number.” She slide a piece of paper at him, which he promptly tore into shreds.

Thoughts whirled in his brain, sobering him more than sleep or coffee ever could. So many questions ran through his mind and so many new issues arose. But in the end one main thought remained. He did not just let that happen, he couldn’t have. He loved Macey. And he had stopped it. He would just put it behind him as a drunken mistake and forget about it.

Somehow, he felt as he saw the girl, it would be harder to leave in the past then he hoped, as he watched her bumping and grinding away on the floor with a blissfully unaware Brendon.
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