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The Past

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what happened in the past

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You see in the holidays between semester one and two of grade 11, Mikey and Megan decided to give them a go, even though she went away to school in another state Mikey loved being with her. All the other he had been with weren’t like Megan, all they wanted was sex and to get ridden off every night, but Megan on the other hand, although she smoked, was all about having fun naturally, she had that sort of personality were she could be the life of the party completely sober, she was also a virgin and was planning on staying that way until she was married or at least in a really serious relationship. Everything was going really fine while she was at home, all they did for three weeks was sit around listening to their favourite which conveniently was the same thing, Fall Out Boy, Mikey band of corse, My Chemical Romance and The Used. One day while lying on Megan’s bed listening to “I Don’t love You” by MCR, Mikey looked into Megan eyes and told her he loved her, Megan didn’t know what to say, so she just kissed him and snuggled into his chest. That was the first time Mikey had ever said anything like that to any of his girlfriends and he really meant it.
Everything was perfect up until the day Megan had to go back to school. They didn’t know what to do, for the past three weeks they hadn’t spent one day apart, it was hard enough saying goodbye each night, even though they knew they would see each other the next day, but to say goodbye for the next 8 weeks was going to be toucher.
“Just think about it this way, absence makes the heart grow fonder.” said Megan with eyes welling up.
“But 8 weeks is a little over the top!”
“How about I asked Dad if I could come home in a couple of weeks?”
“Ok that sounds better than 8 weeks.”
“Well I guess this is goodbye then.”
With that Megan hope on the bus, but before she got to the second step, she felt a pull on her arm. When she turned around, Mikey planted a huge kiss on her lips. As the bus turned away Mikey couldn’t help but feel a sudden rush of loneliness take over his body, and for some reason Megan couldn’t stop the tears from running down her face, she wasn’t crying but just had continuous tears, it was weird. Anyway, four weeks had past and nothing had been organised for her coming home, so she thought she would surprise him and come home anyway.
The bus trip was long, but Megan entertained herself by listening to her music and thinking about seeing Mikey. When she finally got home she said hello to her family and kissed the picture of her late father sitting on the lounge room, then didn’t waste any time driving over to Mikey’s house, her mum driving of course, she didn’t get her licence for another six months. When she got there his Mum said he was at the movies with some friends, but if she ran she wouldn’t miss it, because he had only just left.
Megan was yelling at her mum to go faster, and Megan was soaking because for the first time in a long time it was actually rain. As the car speeded up to the front of the crossing theatre, Megan jumped out mid movement, it was still raining and she could feel it running down her face smudging the eye liner she had rushly applied before she left, As she threw open the door she felt a cool breeze against her wet body and she got a chill down her spine.
When she turned the corner she could believe what she was seeing, Mikey was lining up with Cassie, his ex-girlfriend. As Megan stood there, speechless, she watch Mikey lean in and kiss her, and then she watched him put his arm around her and lift her up, as he had done to her many times in the holidays. She felt this really sick feeling in her stomach that was working its way up her throat. Just as she went to turn away, she heard his voice.
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