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they start again

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Back at the nightclub, Mikey was pretty drunk, he was standing at the bar chatting up some sleazy girl in a boob tube, mini skirt and knee-high socks. They had been talk for about half an hour when Mikey realized that Megan had disappeared with that junkie looking guy, although Megan wasn’t supposed to after her earlier tendencies towards drugs and alcohol, she was pretty wasted. Mikey had shouted them a couple of E tablets and an ounce of pot to share that alone with the 4 double shots of Vodka and the same amount of sambuca, so he was pretty worried when he couldn’t find her in the club, after he did the round around the whole building, he spotted her in the middle of the dance floor dirty dancing with two sleazy looking guys with their hands all over her. Immediately he raced over to her and pushed the guys off of her.
“For Fuck Sake guys are you that desperate? She’s totally intoxicated, plus she would be my girlfriend! So hands off!”
“Wow sorry dude, we meant no harm.”

The next morning Megan woke up to a mama of a headache. When she tried to sit up she felt all the blood rush to her head, and she had an immediate head spin. When Mikey walked in she just looked at him and threw up.
“Well not the best reaction I’ve had when someone has looked at me but I understand. Hahahaha.”
“Shut the Fuck Up! What happened last night? We didn’t… you know.. did we?”
“No Megan, call me old fashioned but I don’t usually have sex with girls that are unconscious!”
“Oh right.”
“So are you ready to get going?” he said with a smile
“Give me a minute to pack up my shit!”
“I already have! I had to occupy with something for the past 4 hours while you’ve been asleep.”
“Well Mikey, considering your so organised all of a sudden, can I have a shower and throw up a bit more?”
“By all Means. Hahaha”

As they got back on the road, their next destination was Brisbane, a very very long way away, as Mikey started speeding up a bit he didn’t feel safe for some reason, so he decided to slow down, especially after Jim’s accident, he didn’t want to make Megan feel uncomfortable.
After about an hour, Megan awoke in a blind mess, it took her a while to come around, but when she did, it didn’t take her long to start on him again.
“Why in hell are you going so slow, Grandma?”
“Don’t start on me Megan!”
“Cause I don’t feel comfortable driving really fast!”
“God you’re a Pussy!”
“Shut Up!”
“Come on Mikey, we want to get to Brissy before Christmas!”
“Would you just go back to sleep, please.”
“Planning on it.”

After that, there was no movement from her for the next 4 hours; Mikey started getting a bit drowsy so he pulled to the side of the road for a sleep. He was awoken with the sudden banging on the window next to him, when he wound it down he was confronted with a policeman shinning a torch in his eyes.
“Can I help you officer?” Mikey croaked
Although nothing personal to this particular Policeman, Mikey hated “the Pigs”. For some reason when Mikey and Megan were younger they used to get picked on by the policemen up until Megan went away to school, which was no doubt Megan’s dads attempt to pull her and Mikey apart, you see he believed that Mikey was bringing out the worst in Megan, but little did he known, Megan was always like this she just didn’t have anyone to do things with, that’s where Mikey comes into it.

“What do you think your doing here son?” asked the policeman
“Sorry Sir, as you can see my friend here is fast asleep and when I started dozing off I thought it best for me to pull off the side of the road before I caused an accident.” He answered
“Fair enough, please keep moving. We don’t allow standing or stoping on the side of the road.” The policeman announced
“Yes sir.” Mikey said starting the car.
As Mikey drove off he muttered under his breath. “Asshole, why don’t you go and find the real crimes going on.”

About an hour down the road Megan awoke in a sweat, yelling “NO”.
“What’s wrong?” Mikey asked worryingly
“Nothing I just had the same dream as before. Its really starting to freak me out more than it did the first time.”
“You mean the one where you have to choose between being with Pete Wentz or saving my life?”
“Yeah, but this time I chose Pete. We had sex, hahaha, it was good up until you came back to life and stabbed Pete while he was on top of me! You asshole! Hahaha”
“Hey you’re the bitch who didn’t choose me! You had it coming!”
“I know but he’s way more important and cooler than you!”
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