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things get back to mornal

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It would be another 6 months until Megan finally forgave him properly, 3 months before that, they were at a party, not together but they looked at each other from across the room wanting to say hello to one another. Instead Mikey finished his drink in one gulp and walked right up to her, kissed her on the lips and whispered in her ear “I can’t stop thinking about you and it hurts me every time I see you, please forgive me! I can’t live unless you do.”
With that he walked away pulling his car keys out of his pocket, Megan was once again speechless, then she realised that Mikey had been drinking a lot that night, and he was about to drive home! As she ran out to his car she found him leaning against it looking up at the sky like they used to do when they laid out on tablecloths. He looked at her and smiled
“I know I’m way too wasted to drive, I was going to but then when I stumbled I remembered those shots I did.”
“You idiot, let me drive you, I’ve been on water all night, the doc said that if I had any more alcohol or drugs my body would keel over. Hahaha.”

From then on Megan and Mikey gradually become friends again, but only under Megan’s rules and Terms.
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