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The Wedding

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Brendon and Izzie get married...again and what other surprises leave the happy couple even more happier? Read rate and review to find out!

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Izzie’s POV

Brendon and I decided to get married on Halloween because he always wanted to get married on Halloween. I was getting ready for my second wedding when I felt sick. I went to the bathroom and began to throw up. Di walks in to check up on me as I finish up throwing up.

“Izzie are you ok? Wedding day gitters?”

“No I must have eaten something spoiled last night. I will be fine.”

“Uhuh… I am going to step out for a second and go get something. Do you want anything?”

“Pepto-Bismol? And toast. Thanks Di.” She left and I went outside the bathroom to get my make up done. Di came back with my toast and a bag. “What’s that?”

“Your something new and maybe your something blue.” She grabbed me by my hand and shoved me into the bathroom and gave me the bag. I opened the bag to reveal a pregnancy test.

“Di I can not be pregnant.”

“Really? When was the last time you had your period?” I thought and freaked out. I pulled the stick out of the box and peed on it. We waited for 5 minutes until the results came back. Di hugged and I began to cry. “Tears of happiness or sadness?”

“Both. What if I lose the baby again?”

“You won’t. Brendon is going to freak out, in a good way.”

“Yea let me finish getting ready.” I had my make up redone and I put on my dress. My dress took me a month to complete. I was an ivory strapless dress, with tiny pearls and Swarovski crystals all over it. Then to set the dress off I had a black bow at the side with a diamond broach in the center. I was finished getting ready when Pete and Ryan came into the room.

“Wow you look stunning, are you trying to give Brendon a heart attack.” Ryan said giving me a hug.

“No something else would though.” I laughed to myself and Ryan gave me a present from Brendon. I opened it and saw black diamond earrings that matched my dress. I asked Ryan if Brendon got the watch I brought him. Ryan said yes and he loves it. Pete comes up to us and gives me a big hug. He whispers congrats on the baby and I whisper back thank you. Both guys leave. Di and I head downstairs to the cars to take us to the church. Brendon and I get married again and head back to the hotel for the reception. Once they announces us husband and wife at the reception and we dance our first dance, Brendon notices I haven’t touch my champagne.

“Baby, why aren’t you drinking your champagne?”

“I don’t want any.”

“Why you never say no to any alcohol when it is offered to you and you won’t get arrested for it.”

“Yea I know but I haven’t eaten anything all day and I don’t think it is good to drink on an empty stomach.”

“It almost sounds like if you are pregnant.” I looked down and looked back up at him. “Are you pregnant?” I nodded and he screamed and jumped on the seat, which made everyone look at him. “When did you find out?”

“Today, Di brought me a test because I threw up in the bathroom.”

“Oh my God we are having a baby!” He hugs me and kisses me until Di goes up and gives her matron of honor speech.

“So for those of you who was at my wedding all of you know Izzie and I were never close. Something happen last year and we became the best of friends. I love my baby sister and her husband who treats her like the diva she is. I wish you two nothing but pure happiness and luck in your marriage. And let’s hope your children both get your good looks and talents. Love you two! Cheers!” I gave Di a hug and a kiss on the cheek and patted her growing belly. She glanced over by the stage where Brendon and the band were getting ready to perform. I gave Brendon a look of question until he began to speak.

“Isabella and I have been friends from the first day I locked her up in the closet. From that moment on I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life locking up in the closet with. Just kidding! Isabella Urie I am happy to have you as my wife and the soon to be mother of our child. Yes folks we are having a baby and no this is not a shotgun wedding because her and I found out today. So Isabella Urie, this song is for the two people I love most in the world.” He sang a sappy song which made everybody cry and then he went into “But It Is Better If You Do,” which is not wedding appropriate. The reception ended and Brendon and I went to our honeymoon suite. He again carried me through the door and nearly dropped me.

“You could have seriously hurt me you know?”

“I couldn’t help it your dress is too big.”

“That’s true.”

“So am I allowed to rip that off of you or not?”

“I spent an entire month making this dress and you want to rip it off of me? I made a zipper for easy access.” Brendon laughed and unzipped my dress. I pulled him by his tie and led him to the bed. I sat down and undid his shirt and pants. I scooted back and Brendon climbed on top of me. He began to attack my neck with kisses and kissed almost every inch of my body. He got to my stomach and stopped. He placed both of his hands on my stomach and looked up at me.

“Give me your hands.” I complied and he put my hands on my stomach and placed his hands on top of mine. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and you are carrying a life that has both of us joined together. I can not express enough how much you mean to me.” I began to cry and Brendon smiled and moved our hands off my stomach to kiss my belly. After he finished kissing my belly he kissed me on the lips and slid into me which made me yelp. “Am I hurting you and the baby?”

“Oh God no! Just fuck me like you usually do every other time.” He nods and continues to slid in and out of me. Once we both reached our climaxes Brendon places his hands on my stomach and looks at me.

“Are you worried?”

“About what?”

“That you might lose the baby?”

“No I think the first time was a sign that me and Will did not belong together. But I must be a couple months along because my last period was the day of Di’s wedding and you and I had sex the day after which doubled the chances of me getting pregnant.”

“Good thing we had sex then.”

“Yea good thing.”

“I hope the baby looks like you. Your nose, smile, and eyes.”

“No I want them to have your smile and eyes so when they become spoiled I can blame their pout and their eyes they got from their father.”

“I love you two so much.”

“Me too.”

“First thing Monday, we are going to the doctor for a check up aren’t you glad now we decided not to take a honeymoon?”

“Yea I am now. Let’s get some sleep I am too exhausted from getting married a second time and finding out that I am pregnant.” He nodded and we fell fast asleep.
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