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Izzie's POV

A couple days passed and the house was put up for sale. Brendon and I headed to Chicago to find a home there. After looking at a few houses we found our dream home that was literally 2 minutes away from Di's and Pete's. We said we will take it and they said they will draw up the papers. We been keeping low just incase someone found out we got married, but no one has called to see if we got married.

I was at the office finalizing some papers and Brendon was lying down on my couch looking through some magazines. He came across a bridal magazine and sat up. "Do you ever think about having a real wedding that involves a wedding dress and a reception and a honeymoon?"

"Umm, yes and no. I mean when I was helping Di with her wedding I was getting stressed out because of all the detail that went into it. I can not even design my own wedding dress without feeling stressed out." I sighed and Brendon got up and put his arms around my waist.

"I want to see you in your dream dress and I want us to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends. So for me can we get remarried? Please? Please?" He pouted and gave me his puppy eyes.

"Under one condition. You have to help me plan the wedding. Deal?"

"Deal." We began to kiss when my office phone beeped.

"Yea Susan?"

"Pete called and he says he and Di wants to have dinner with you tonight at their favorite restaurant and want you to be there by 8 with Will."

"Did you say anything about Will?"

"No that is none of my business."

"Thanks Susan." I looked over at Brendon. "So are you coming to dinner with me and the Wentz?"

"Yea but I am not Will."

"No but you are my husband and I want you to come."

"Ok." I finished up at the office and head to my apartment with Brendon to get ready. We got to the restaurant before Di and Pete and I told Brendon maybe he should wait by the bar until they get here. He agreed and left. Di and Pete came in at 8 sharp with big smiles on their faces.

"Look at you two. Both of you are glowing!"

"Yea we have all the reason to be glowing. Where's Will?"

"Yea about that..." Before I could finish Brendon came over and Di and Pete looked at each other confused.

"Brendon what are you doing here?" Pete asked looking at me.

"I am taking Will's place for dinner, from now on."


"Well Di and Pete to make a long story short, Will cheated on me with Christine and got her pregnant and I slapped him 3 times and Brendon punched him. And I went to Florida, Brendon found me. We got back together and put his house up for sale in Vegas. And we found a house 2 minutes away from you."

"We have only been gone a week and this much has happen? We are never going on another vacation again anytime soon. Watch next thing they are going to tell us that they are married or they are planning a wedding." Brendon and I looked at each other and avoided all eye contact with Di and Pete.

"Izzie you two are not married are you? Because I was suppose to be you matron of honor."

"And you still are, when we get married again."

"Shut up! When did this happen?!"

"A few days ago and you two are the only ones who know and it is going to stay that way."

"Ok, let's order some champagne and celebrate. Water for you Di." I arched up an eyebrow and glanced at Pete.

"So Pete why is my sister restricted to water?"

"Di is pregnant! Isn't that exciting?"

"Yea let's hope it get's Di looks."

"Why aren't you excited? Di did she already know?"

"Maybe?" She giggled and Pete pulled her into a kiss. We were all celebrating when Pete asked how everything was at the office.

"Good. I signed off on some papers and all the seamstress are getting to work on the designs."

"Another reason why I asked you out to dinner is because I want to make you the new president of Clandestine and the rest of the stock holders agreed to sell you a percentage of their stock for you to become a stock holder."


"Seriously, what do you say?"

"Yes, do I get a raise in my salary too?"


"But do I still get to design as well?"

"Yes, anymore questions?"

"No." We all laugh and enjoyed dinner and all of us left to go home. Once home Brendon crawled into bed and I joined him shortly afterwards.

"Do you think they will tell anyone about us?"

"No I trust them."

"Good because I like keeping this a secret." I laughed and kissed him goodnight. The next morning we signed the papers to our new house and I signed the papers for Clandestine. Life can not get any better than this.
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