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I Hate That I Love You.

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Pete can't stop thinking about Marla.

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Opening his eyes, he allowed them to adjust to the light in the bunk. Today was the first day of the tour, the first official day anyway. They had dealt with sound checks and everything else, today they were going to deal with the media and the first show. It was nearing one o'clock and he knew he had to get out of bed, but he didn't want to. He didn't want to have to face the press. He didn't want to answer a million questions. He didn't want to talk about her. It still hurt and no one realized that. No one gave either one of them any time to heal those wounds. Especially with the way things had ended.

Marla could act tough all she wanted, but Pete knew her, when you spend time in a relationship with someone for almost a year and a half you learn to read the other person. And, especially since they were so connected through words.

The media was basically ripping her apart and in a surprising turn of events, taking his side in the break up. If only they had known that he was the one at fault, like always. All she did was love him and he let one fight go too far. He let one blog get too descriptive and he had lost the woman he loved. But, the media didn't get that. And, he was not making them privy to anything.

"Hey man, how you doing?" Patrick asked as he looked up at Pete as he came out of the bedroom. The boys were once again split into two buses. Joe and Andy on one this time, and Patrick and Pete sharing another. In Pete's current state no one really wanted to deal with him. No one except Patrick could handle him.

"Still breathing, you tell me." He rubbed his eyes as he groaned. He hadn't had his coffee yet. He was not going to be able to focus on anything. Where was Dirty when you needed him?

"Dude, it'll be okay." Patrick nodded. He knew this was hard on Pete. And, unfourtantley Marla was being stronger than anyone could have ever imagined, even with her self proclamation of being happy.

"Yeah, everyone goes on living." He shrugged it off as he walked to the back. He didn't mean to be rude to his friend, but he just couldn't deal with the constant questions or the reminder that Marla wasn't one call away and when he woke up in the morning there wouldn't be seven thousand text messages from her saying that she was thinking about him and that she loved him. He didn't have that anymore.

Walking out of the bus, Pete held his star bucks in his hand tightly, his hoodie pulled over his head. He could hear the fans starting to scream and talk loudly. They were already lining up, but he couldn't stand to go over there and deal with them.

"Oh Pete! I want to have your babies!" Joe laughed as he pat his friend on the back as they walked into the arena.

Pete shook his head as he let out a small laugh as he followed Dan into the press room. He really didn't want to have to be the media foreman today. He just wanted to sink into a corner and not come out until show time.

"Alright guys, this is Elaine from Giant Stars magazine. Do your thing." Dan said as he sat back in the room and continued to do work. The guys knew what they were doing.

The interview had been going rather well considering. She hadn't mentioned anything about Marla and well Joe and Patrick had actually fielded most of the questions and even some that were directed at Pete, Patrick had taken over.

"Pete, you are awfully quiet. Has your break up with Marla gotten you down?" She asked turning her attention to him. "It must be hard dealing with her using you just to get to the top of this business and then breaking up with you." She commented as she was waiting for a response.

Pete rubbed his face as he was trying his hardest to hold all of this back. He was trying to answer with respect even if he wanted to tell this bitch to jump in a lake. "Any break up at any time is hard, yet, I'm trying to let these guys say what they want to in interviews. I don't think it's always right for me to answer every question. As far as Marla using me and my band to get to the top there was no need, that band was heading there anyway. So, I honestly don't think that was the case. But, as I've said before, I want to keep my personal life personal and I don't wish to talk about this. Thank you." He said as to end the conversation.

Patrick nodded as if he was proud of what Pete had said. He had put that interviewer in her place and he loved every minute of it.

"You did really welll man." Patrick patted Pete on the back as they were walking out of the interview.

Pete shrugged his shoulders. "I'm going to go get ready." He excused himself from the group and walked to the dressing room.

He didn't want to be complimented for just answering in honesty. How could anyone assume that Marla was with him purely to launch her career? Fragmented Innocence was going to be big no matter if they had gotten involved or not. And, plus, she knew he was a head case. She would not have taken that on just to help herself.

He had hurt her and he didn’t want everyone taking this out on her, but he couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t bubble wrap her against the media and he knew he was the one who threw her to the wolves. He just hoped that she was handling it as well as she claimed or acted like she was. He knew Marla, and Marla was a timid girl who at times could be very weak and needed someone to lean on. And, at other times Marla could be very strong, strong enough for the both of them. He just wished he knew or could talk to her or even get some kind of info about her or what she was doing. He just couldn’t bring himself to get that though. Maybe he could get Patrick to talk to her.

Pushing the thoughts out of his head for the moment he turned his attention to getting ready for the rest of his day. He just wanted to be lost in monotonous things to keep his head from thinking about Marla. Anything but her.
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