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Chapter Two.

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Is Ryan really dead, or is Brendon in need of some serious help?

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Heyyyy, people really liked this so I'm going to continue it. :]
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Brendon was caught off guard, "Wh-what?" There was silence from the other line. "Spencer tell me what you just said isn't true!" Spencer choked out a no before he hung up. Brendon was staring at the phone, "That can't be possible. He's been over here all damn day!!" He looked up. "I'll go over to his house, he's got to be there still."

He walked up the pathway he had just seen Ryan cross not more than thirty minutes prior. Ryan's house was unusually dark, he always had at least one light on. Brendon knocked on the door. He noticed the door was ajar and that there was police line tape across the door.

"What the hell? This wasn't like this before..."

He lightly pushed the door open, it creaked some. "Ryro? Are you here?" He walked inside disregarding all the tape that said not to. "Rrrrrryaaaann?" He searched through the house.

"I dropped him off! He was in my car! I know he was."

He looked in Ryan's bedroom, nothing was disturbed. He sighed, "I know he's here somewhere. Ryan!! Are you here?!!"

A harsh voice answered him, "What the hell are you doing in here? This is a crime scene!" Brendon turned quickly, "Crime scene? I just dropped off my friend here. I'm looking for him to prove someone else wrong." The person looked at him, "Nobody other than you and me are here." "That's not true! I saw Ryan walk through the door dammit!" Brendon refused to give up.

"Son, are you talking about Ryan Ross?" Brendon looked at him, "How do you know his name?" "Because he's the case we're investigating. I don't want to be the one to break it to you, but he's...dead." Brendon stared dumbfounded as if he hadn't heard it before, then he talked. "Why do people keep saying that?! He was just over my house all day! I took him home not more than a half hour ago!"

"I recall seeing a car pull into the drive, but nobody stepped out of it," the cop replied. "Wait. Yes! Ryan climbed out of the car dammit! I'm not seeing things! I'm not! He's alive!" Brendon was a little scared at this point. "Why don't you go home and get some sleep, it's late, you're just deluding things in a time of grief." "No! He is alive dammit! I'll show you all!" Brendon stormed out.

"I refuse to believe that Ryan is dead. There is no way in hell that he is!! What the hell is going on?!"


"Would you just give it up already! Stop trying to make everything worse!!", Spencer was nearly in tears for the third time that week. Jon was sitting off towards the side quietly. He hadn't been very vocal lately. "I'm not trying to make anything worse!! I'm just lost! I don't know what the fuck is going on!" This was Brendon and Spencer's fifth fight that week. It was only Tuesday, a week from Ryan's untimely death.

"Dammit Brendon go get help! You're making this worse than it already is!" Spencer yelled. Jon finally stood up, cutting Brendon off, "Come on. Stop fighting, cool it down." Jon disappeared among all the clutter and into the kitchen. Spencer glared at Brendon one last time before going into the back and slamming his bedroom door. Brendon sighed and eventually found his way back to his house.

"I am NOT going crazy. Ryan is NOT dead. I do NOT need help."

He was lying face down on his bed, he heard the doorbell ring. He sighed and got up, ambling over to the door. He opened it.

Ryan smiled, "Hello."

I'm cutting it short sorry guys. I need to get ready for a trip tomorrow. I won't be back until late Friday. Hope you enjoy!
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