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Chapter Eight

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 8


Harry, Dudley and Remus appeared at a remote forest like place. Surrounded them was thick trees and bushes, dark as the Forbidden Forest itself. Looking around, Harry saw that he could see much better in the dark more easily then he could before.

"Where the hell are we?" Harry heard Dudley asked to no one in particle. Remus ignored the question; as Harry watched Remus walked to a small alter with a strange symbol craving on it, the same one that Harry's mother had in her letter.

Harry stepped forward towards Remus, who was now muttering to himself in strange language of some sort, but was stopped as Dudley grabbed his arm.

"Don't, Harry, that's a werewolf. We do not know if he's on our side or theirs..." Dudley hissed at him. Harry gave him a weird look. How did Dudley know Remus was a werewolf? Of course Remus is in their side. He saved them didn't he?

"Its okay, Dudley, that’s Remus, the one that I told you about in my mum's letter." Harry told him. Dudley glanced at Remus in an unsure look. It wasn't everyday that your mother gets kidnapped by a crazy woman, that warships the son of the Devil and got saved by a werewolf that could easily kill them with his bare hands.

Harry turned at Remus, who was now standing before them, looking sadly at them both. He eyes was restless, his face lines with sorrow crinkles. "What's going---" Harry started to ask, but Dudley bumped into him, making him stop his sentence.

"Where is my mother and father?! Where the hell are we?!" Dudley demanded. Harry looked beside him, shocked that Dudley would dare a wizard. What happened to the same Dudley who hides behind his mother and father each time wizards 'visited' their house?

Remus sighed, rolling his eyes. "Your mother is now Voldemort's prisoner. As your father, he is in care of the Order of the Blood Dragon for his injuries." Dudley's eyes widen. Was his father going to die? "That other whale of the muggle though..." Dudley glared at him. No one makes fun of his Aunt that way, even if he didn't like her. "Is dead." Remus continued.

"Dead?" Dudley asked him. Did he hear him right? It felt strange. His aunt is dead, but yet... he feels nothing; no mourning of the lost.

"Yes, dead. As in, not alive anymore." Remus said.

"I know what dead means, werewolf." Dudley hissed, his staff swore through the air into his right hand. Remus bite his bottom lip slightly nervously, remembering last time he angrier Petunia. 'So/,' he thought. '/Dudley came of age in his powers... I thought sorcerers came of age around their sixteen or seventeen year, not fifteen... He is just like his mother. She knew I was werewolf the moment we met each other and just as powerful, or even more powerful, just like Harry...'

"I am sorry--- for your lost." Remus told him. How can you be sorry for someone's death, when you never met?

"No you’re not." Dudley said. He will not expect pity from him.

"Remus, where are we?" Harry asked him, not wanting a fight between his second godfather and cousin.

"We are in the Forest of the Undead." Remus told him. Harry looked at him as if he grew another head.

"Where?" Harry asked him unsure if Remus was serious or not. He never heard of that name before.

"THE FOREST OF THE UNDEAD, HARRY! Do you have ears?" Dudley asked him, god his cousin can be such an idiot.

'What happened to the nice Dudley?' Harry asked himself bitterly.

Dudley glared at the werewolf. "So, what are you going to do with us, huh? Make us dig of our own graves and then kill us?"

Remus suddenly started to laugh, making Dudley glare at him more. Harry didn't know what to do. 'Yep/, the world really did gone metal/.' he thought.

"Of course not! If I do that, Severus will kill me! Not to mention the whole Order of the Phoenix and the Blood Dragon. I am here to protect you---"

"Harry and I do not need protection, werewolf -- or whatever you name is-- We are old enough to take care of own selves---"

"It’s Remus." Remus interrupted him, smiling. Dudley glared at him darkly. /'I'll give him to smile at/!' Dudley thought fierily, raising his staff.

"Dudley, don't!" Harry yelled, stopping Dudley. "We need him! He’s my friend!"

"I don't fucking care! I need to save my mother! Potter let go of me!"

"You can't hurt Remus!"

"I will kill the werewolf if I want too!"

"Dudley! You are not making any sense!" Harry yelled, grabbing the staff from him.

Dudley stopped, growling at his cousin. He knew Harry was right. But that werewolf is smiling at him! Smiling! The nerve of the werewolf!

"Remus, I am sorry for my cousin's outburst." Harry said, turning at amused, but nervous Remus.

"It’s not problem Harry. I understand. Lesson learned in my youth, Harry, never anger or undermeant sorcerers. Petunia will be alright... She is a strong woman. She always was…." Remus told him, his voice unsure even to himself. "Come, I must take you to Devils Causeway Castle." Remus said turning and started to walk from the clearing.

Harry stopped. "Where?" He asked him. Where the hell these names came from? Where the hell are they?

"Devil's Causeway Castle." Remus repeated, not turning to see if Harry and Dudley were following him or not.

"And where is this--- castle?" Dudley asked, still not trusting the werewolf one bit, but started following Harry, who was running to catch up to Remus. Dudley sighed, someone has to keep an eye on harry, he is far too trusting towards people.

Remus pointed North-East of where they started walking. Both Harry and Dudley looked through the trees. Up ahead of them, was large dark castle, surround by a dark cleaning. The castle itself was very large, devilish building that Harry had ever seen. Of what he can tell, the castle was well intact and far.

"That’s, Devil's Causeway Castle?" Harry asked Remus, who nodded.


"And why can't we appeared in the castle, then just walking?"

"Protection wards, almost identical to Hogwarts, but much older and darker kind of wards."

"Oh." Harry said. This castle must be older then Hogwarts itself. Then Harry remembered something.

"Where is Snape?" Harry asked him.

"Professor Snape, Harry. He is with your uncle—"

"My father doesn't like anything magic related, werewolf." Dudley said,

"Dudley stop calling him that!" Harry hissed at him.

"He is a werewolf, Harry. That is what he is." Dudley told him.

"I don't care! What if someone calls you Sorcerer?"

"I won’t care, /wizard/. I am one, Potter. And he is a werewolf. It is who we are. Besides, mother always told me not to call someone by their names unless they introduce themselves first." Dudley said, glancing at Remus who looked guilty.

"You cousin is right." Remus said, turning him. "Let’s start over. Hello, my name is Remus Lupin, what is your name?" he said, raising his hand in front of Dudley to shake it.

Dudley stare at the hand as if it was covered in maggots. How does he know the moment he touch the hand, the werewolf won't just grabbed his hand and brake it?

Folding his arms, he said and stepping back from the werewolf he replied, "Dudley Dursley."

Remus smiled. "Glad to meet you finally, Dudley Dursley."

Dudley growled. Why does this werewolf always so cheerful? "Like wise." Dudley said flatly.

"Come, Severus will be waiting for us at the castle."

"Great, more wizards." Dudley muttered under breath. "Eh, Harry, maybe this Snape guy would tell you about Aunt Lily's letter and find out who's your real father is?"

Harry had been thinking about that. "Remus---"

"I can't tell you anything yet Harry. Not here in the opening." Remus told him.

Harry scowled. He hated it when people keep him in the dark. Dudley had the same ideas. This sucks! His father is hurt, his aunt is dead and his mother is prisoner! And what he is doing? He is following a werewolf to a castle! He has to do something to help save his mother!

"Don't worry Dudley. We will get Aunt Petunia. She will be alright. I promise." Harry told him, knowing what was wrong with his cousin, grabbing his shoulder for comfort...

"Potter, don't touch me. And don't make promises that you can't keep. Promises always get broken."

(End of chapter)

Words: 1,683Author's Notes: AGAIN I AM SORRY FOR THE LATE CHAPTER! I lost my notebook that is this fic's chapter(s) notes! I can't find it! It has this chapter and next one and the notes of chapter 10! God, I hope my sister didn't throw it in the garbage can, again. If she did, then I have to start ALL over again! Damn you, sister of mine!

I couldn't get a hold of my Beta, /TanyaPotter/, so yeah. This chapter is NOT beta-ed. :(

I have the worse life. Failing math, fucked up sister that throws away my notebooks and her friends reading them and laughing at them. grrrrr! And don't get me started of my weird moods that I have lately... Maybe I am getting sick? idk.

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