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Chapter 9

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 9


They walked in utter silence; Remus in the front of the group, followed by Harry and then Dudley. They walk down a hill, following a thin trail that was now half covered in ivy and wild weeds. As they walk, the trees got thinner and thinner, and each sound the forest made, it made chills down Harry's back, remembering his unpleasant visits in the Forbidden Forest.Devil's Causeway Castle was getting closer and closer in each passing moment as time quickly passed. Nightfall is quickly approaching, the forest was getting more darker. In each step, Harry felt a weird feeling in his stomach. Would Snape know about his real father? What is his name? Will he and Remus tell him how they, the Malfoy's and Sirius connected? Will he find out about his weird happenings that he now having? Or does he want to know? His father's is a death eater, his mother said in her letter, but how evil is he? Is he like Voldemort? Harry shudder at the thought.

The small group turned around a patch of trees, as they step foot into a large clearing. The castle gates was just half mile ahead of them. As they approach the wooden gates, Remus turned and said, "Stay here." Harry and Dudley waited as they watch Remus step up the gates and knocked.

They waited.

At long lasted the gates opened.

Harry and Dudley gasp. A man like creature step though the gates. "A necromancer." Harry heard Dudley muttered to himself in awe.

The man-creature was tall, gray-white skinned, with green spiky hair, his face was scared in a pattern dyed with red ink, and had unearthly eyes, as one was pure-white. The man wore what appeared to be armour of some kind of steel and horn like claws poking though his arms and legs. Looking at the man closely, Harry saw that the man didn't have any eye brows, but tiny horns above his eyes.

"Remus." the man-creature hissed in a whisper. His voice was cold as ice, his eyes glittered in madness and amusement.

"Soul-Taker." Remus said, folding his arms in his chest impatiently.

"What are you doing here, Remus? You forgotten where the main entrance is, now? I thought werewolves have better memory then that." the man-creature mocked him. Harry made a fist. How dare this--this man insult Remus! "Not many though comes through here to the visitor enterence... Come and see me die in my misery?"

"No, Soul-Taker, not today. I am not here alone. I brought with me children--."

Soul-Taker stopped Remus waving his hand in front of his face, now eying Harry and Dudley, tiling his head on the side. "Deathlings." he muttered, as if not seeing any children in his life before. "Are they yours, Remus? I highly doubt it though, your not a man to bed a woman out of wedlock, specially with your... connection." Remus blushed. "But that one over there, though." Soul-Taker said pointing at Harry. "Looks like Severus... I thought Severus only has five children, not six... Unless he impregnated some other woman other then his late wife, bless her soul in peace. But I can be wrong..."

Remus rolled his eyes. Soul-Taker was always like this, talking to himself out loud, insulting everyone around him. "His name is Harry, Soul-Taker." Remus said. "Severus' nephew. You will treat him and his cousin nicely." Harry eyes widen at Remus.

'I'm Snape's nephew?!' he thought. Oh the horror! "The other one is named Dudley, Petunia's son." Soul-Taker then backed away from the mention of Petunia's name. Soul-Taker hissed, his eyed dimmed at the sight of them both.

"Why did you brought them here, Remus? I thought, Potter was with the wizards in Britain, not here at Russia..."

"That is none of your business, Soul-Taker. Now may you let us pass?" Remus asked him, ignoring Soul-Taker's questions.

Soul-Taker growled. It is not his place to question anyone higher rank himself. "You and the children may pass, Remus..." Soul-Taker said, making a mockery bow at him. Remus nodded at him, waving his hand to Harry and Dudley to follow him. Both Harry and Dudley hesitant, quickly passing Soul-Taker who walk them pass him, grinning evilly at them.

As they were out of hear shot, Soul-Taker started muttering to himself. "Werewolves. Never could understand them lot. But they do make great minions though." he said in a evil grin. He shock his head, shutting the gates and going to back to his dark corner.


"Remus who was that?" Harry asked Remus, as he they pass the necromancer. They were walking though a dead garden like place, heading to an entrance to the main building. Harry looked around himself. It was odd that they haven't seen anyone else, besides that man at the gate. Where was everyone?"His name is Sithik Soul-Taker (1), poor of an excuse of necromancer. Killed a lot of people some 30 or so years ago, loosing his focus of his powers. The Order banish him of using his powers ever again. The Order send him to jail for a few years, lost his mind and now for the past 10 or so years he been guarding the southern gates."

Harry's eyes widen. "He killed people?" Harry asked him, unsure that he heard right. How can a person live in a place like this? If he killed people then he should be in jail for life, not guarding some gate, surely.

"Yes Harry, he did. Use them in dark magic, killing them to use their corpses to practice on raising the dead. He was young at the time, foolish, you know." Remus said, shrugging.

Harry looked at Dudley who looked at him, shrugging at well. They were at the entrance of the building. Remus opened the door with a loud bang. They came face-to-face in large grand hall. They stepped down the few stairs, stepping on the marble floor.

Ahead of them sat a woman, dressed in dark silk and satin. A crown sat on her head. As they approached her, Remus knelled. Unknowing what to do, Harry and Dudley did the same behind him.

The woman smile. "Raise, Remus, Harry and Dudley." She said. Her voice was gentle as the breeze. They did so.

"Who--" Harry started to ask. Dudley grabbed his arm.

"Be quiet, Harry" he hissed.

Remus bowed his head. "Lady Lloyanda (2)," Remus said. "We have a problem."

The woman, Lloyanda of what Remus called her, then stood up. "What kind of a problem, Remus?" she asked him.

"One of my friends, Petunia, has be captured by Deatheaters." he told her.

The woman stepped forward, her eyes widen ever so slightly. "Petunia the Sorceress?" she asked.

"The very same."

"These, Deatheaters, the same ones that are the followers to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Lord Voldemort?"

Remus nodded. Lloyanda sighed, wrapping herself tighter in a her cloak. "And who are they, Remus?" she asked, looking at Harry and Dudley.

"This is Harry, Severus' nephew and this is Dudley, Petunia's son."

The woman nodded. "The same ones that I saw when they were little babies? They have grown." she said. Both Harry and Dudley blushed. 'Who was this woman?' they wondered.

"Remus, who is she?" Harry asked him. Dudley rolled his eyes. When will Harry be quiet? This woman might be a queen of some sort, talking about royalties in such away is rude.

"My name is Lady Llyanda of the Kingdom of the Undead. Welcome, Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley to the Lands of the Necromancers." Lady Llyanda said. Harry then widened his eyes. He only heard about this place in History of Magic. "Come. You must be tired. It been a long journey." she snapped her fingers. A tall pale man, with a staff appeared next to her. "Mikhael (3) will show you your rooms. Remus please stay. We need to talk."

Remus nodded at Harry and Dudley, telling them to go with Mikhael. "Come young sires. Let the Lady and Sire talk in private, we shall." the man said to them.

Harry and Dudley had left. Leaving Remus to talk with the young woman.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,663

(1) Sithik Soul-Taker: I got the name "Sithik" from this website: anelfire(dot)com(slash)tx(slash)afira(slash)fantasymfull and the name "soul-taker" is a just a common name of someone take souls. I thought it is fitting.

(2) Lloyanda: is a female name of the same website above.

(3) Mikhael: is the name formed from the name "Michael" instead I used a the letter "k" instead of "c".

Author's Notes: Thanks for the kind Reviews. I was pleased to see many of you added my story in your "alert lists" and "Favorite lists" but saddness me that hardly anymore bothered to leave a review, but no madder.

The necromancer in this chapter I described by other necromancers that I seen in Guild Wars (to any who play the Internet game). My own Necromancer, Aknaksha Draca, is a female and totaly different looking.Also, I know Devil's Causway is at Colorado and Northumberland, so what? I like the name.

Also note that this fic is NOT a crossover. I just love necromancers, and to me vampires and necromancers are alike in many ways, so I would not be surprised that many vampires and necromancers are same people. :)

And sadly this chapter is not Beta-ed. I still can't get a hold of my Beta. :(

Anyway, thanks for reading and please leave a Reviewing!

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