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01. School

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Brendon loves Ryan. However Ryan likes Brendon and Pete. Who will end up with Ryan? Will Pete and his make out tactics win Ryan's Heart? Or will the handsome charming Brendon be the winner? Read th...

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It was the first day of school, and everything was going well you know besides the fact that I am going to a new high school, its my first day, and I don't know anybody. I mean what could go wrong? Must I go on?
My name is Ryan, I am 16, and I am new to Las Vegas. Just moved here the day before yesterday. and now I am totally overwhelmed by high school. I mean it's not like I have never been to high school I mean I'm a Junior but, I always hate starting as the new kid, and not knowing anyone. It is really annoying, well here I go....

I said good bye to my mother, and stepped out of the car and ran inside the school. I was already late and on the first day! I got my schedule out of my bag and looked at it I had Geometry first so I made my way to room B23. Once I got to the room, I got really nervous I didn't want to enter the classroom. All of a sudden someone says, "Are you like going to enter or not?", I turned around and saw the most snobby looking kid in my life.... I guess I must have stayed quiet a little to long, because next thing you know I'm on the floor. I got up and didn't say anything considering well the door was wide open to geometry.
I walked in and looked for my seat which thankfully had a name tag. I was trying to ignore the rude looks and whispers I could here about me as I made my way to my seat. Oh gosh I was sitting next to the snobby kid, that pushed me. I saw his name tag said, William. I wondered if he was as snobby and he looked. Then I remembered I had to write notes, I always took advantage of taking notes and wrote songs or poems instead.
I am a real good artist. I started writing a poem but ended up giving up, when the bell rang. I packed my things and ran to Art class. Finally something I liked. On my way I bumped into the most beautiful guy I had every seen. I started gathering all my crap from the floor, and then I heard someone say. Are you ok?, Yeah I'm fine I said, he held out his hand, I'm Brendon!. Hi Brendon, I'm Ryan!. Nice to meet you Ryan are you new here?, he asks. ,Yeah I'm new here, and I'm off to a bad start to. Why?, he asks. "Well I ran into that guy this morning." Oh thats just William, he says. He is a big jerk sometimes, but once you get to know him he's awesome! Oh shit I said. I'm going to be late for art. Oh well ill see you later then?, I ask. Sure he says look for me during lunch, he says. and I ran off to art....

ill write another chapter soon comment its my first story x.x
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