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Life and Death

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This is a collection of poetry dedicated to Delilah and Julius. *Runs away before stuff gets thrown at her* I'm sorry, poetry haters!

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On when Delilah isolated herself from Julius on some episodes. Example: The Delilah Identity, she knocked him unconscious.

Life and Death

We all die to live
We all go for the dive
We all never really forgive
We all live to die

You think I've forgotten
Everything that was rotten
As if it was a dream
And again we're a team

I've always been there for you
I know what you've been through
Then why did you push me away?
Why can't I stay?

I keep on telling myself I don't care
But I must be lying
For with this poem I share
My feelings that are dying

You think everything's about you
You want me to feel like you do
Don't you know we're in this together
Never ending cirle going on forever

All that I live for
The reason why I endure
The pain I feel
Is just to feel real

Can't you see?
That this is all I can be?
You're the only thing I live for
Why I endure

Endure the pain of living
The pain of giving
The pain of life and death
The pain to keep my breath

Let me help you
Help you get through
So I can help myself, too
Will you?

Or will you walk me to the edge
Over the hedge
Life and death
He's waiting for me...or what's left

Look at me in the eye
Don't you dare lie
'Cause I can read you like a book
In just one look

Your life is my life
My life is your life

We all die to live
We all go for the dive
We all never really forgive
We all live to die

We all live to die
For those who we love


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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