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With You

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I would like to dedicate this chapter to Smiley. She's been my most supportive reviewer on my poetry. Thank you so much! I'm updating this for you! :)

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This poem is once again for the episode, "The Delilah Indentity," Julius' point of view, when Delilah kept on pushing away, not allowing him to help her.


With You

I linger outside
Outside in the cold rain
Yet I feel colder from the inside
Talk to me, nothing to lose, we can only gain

I'm waiting for you to pass by
Maybe I can talk to you, please?
Light and darkness collide
Stop avoiding me like I'm some disease

Can you really throw away
All we had together?
Let me stay
And let me hold you, always wanted to do that since forever

You don't get it, do you?
When you left, you took my love
Don't you understand whatever you do
I'll be there, so stop acting tough

I've been with you all along
Right beside you, side by side
Till the day I'm gone
I'll always be with you, not matter how many times you've lied

You still don't get it, do you?
The pain you gave me
What you've put me through
Won't let me be

Yet it pains me to say...I still love you

If you want to leave
I won't stop you
For you I believe in, whatever you do
Even if it hurts me

For when you leave
You'll never see
Me grieve
...For you took all of me

You still have all of me
For I love you

To be continued...

xxDarkness' Kidxx
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