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Clandestine Lights

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Heidi is the girlfriend of Gerard Way.He says he loves her but she can't say it back. She joins the tour hoping it will bring them closer but it looks like she will be spending most of the time nu...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-10-13 - Updated: 2007-10-13 - 974 words

The lights, the pyro, the roaring pool of people, and my love singing on the stage as I swivel my hips from side to side along to the beat. I stand in the wing of the stage, listening to him serenade girls in the crowd; all of them falling “in love” with him. Sometimes I can’t take it, but then I realize once he steps foot off the stage he is mine. This is my first time on tour with him and I’m not so sure if I will make it through the whole tour. The abundance of drugs, booze, and screaming girls is enough to make me want to off myself. But I was a screaming fan once, I just got lucky. The girlfriend of Gerard, the follower of My Chemical Romance, I’m Heidi…welcome to my world.

Light Up the Liquor Bar

“Heidi…uh hello world to Heidi!” I can hear someone talking but my thoughts are drawing me in. I slowly turn around, its Emily of course; Frank’s girlfriend…always worried about me. I’m sitting at the table in the hotel room staring off out the big bay window, she joins me. I turn my attention towards her and smile, but not one of those honest smiles. “ Hi Emily.”
She giggles annoyingly. “ Came to check on you, I know how this tour thing is.” I nod, trying to brush her off. “Yeah…” she scoots closer to me. “ So how what’s the story with you and Gerard?” “ I’m his girlfriend…?”
“Oh silly! I know that, but when did you guys meet? You’re not some groupie whore are ya?”
I cringed and got up form the table. “Um…I’m going to smoke a cigarette.”
“I’ll go with.” I put my hand up. “ I’d rather go alone.” She followed me out the door and we went our separate ways. Thank god. I don’t think Emily and I are going to be friends anytime soon. I grabbed my cigarettes out of my back pocket on the way out the lobby.
I sat on one of the worn down benches.
I’m sure you’re wondering where I did come from and how the hell I got with THE Gerard Way.
Well, I’ve always been on the sidelines waiting, just waiting for him to notice me. But things change when you are front row and have a meet and greet. It wasn’t long ago that I was in the front row screaming my lungs out. I guess it helps when one of your friends are with on of the band members.: Kylie and Ray that is. We met, we talked, when on dates when ever he could find the time, and this is how I got here.

As I watched the smoke form my cigarette float in spirals my phone vibrated.
“Hey…looking for Emily?” It was Frank obviously.
“ I guess, where is she now?” I laughed. “ Well just awhile ago she barged into my hotel room…” He sighed. “ Sorry about that. I’m not sure if I should have brought her along. But anyway, Gerard said you should get ready for the red carpet and the party tonight.” I rolled my eyes. “Fine. I’ll meet up with you in the front lobby around 7.”
“ Okay, bye.”
“Bye.” Great. I have to get all dolled up for the cameras, I can’t wait till this tour really starts. I stomped out the glowing embers of my cigarette and made my way back to my room. On my way to the elevator I spotted Emily at one of the lobby tables. With a guy…a guy that’s not Frank, and it doesn’t look like he’s just a friend. Unless she rubs her friend’s knees, kisses them , and plays footsies under the table with them. At one point she caught my eye and stopped, but I kept on going. I’m sure she will confront me later begging me not to tell Frank. Frank never chooses the right girl; that boy deserves the best.

Once in my room I found a dress laid out already for me, of course by wardrobe. It was some frilly rose colored dress, not Heidi at all. I shoved it off the bed replacing it with one of my own dresses. The one Gerard bought me; dark red with black lace and amazing beading down the front. Took a quick shower and attempted to do something with the mess on my head. Then I applied light makeup, no need to put ten pounds of foundation on my face. After this I looked pretty decent. Grabbing my dress I slipped it over my head and tied the back up, put my black pantyhose on, and my black ballet flats. I put my phone and cigarettes away safely in my clutch, and took the ride down to the lobby to wait for the boys. I could hear someone walking behind me, almost stomping it sounded like. Turning around I spotted him; my “hard ass” turned to puddle of mush. He always has this affect on me, when he’s near me I have no control. I turn into a complete pansy. Smiling goofily I stood up holding out my hand. He laughed. “ Thank you for the hand shake Heidi. But I’d rather take a kiss; no shame here.” Blushing like an idiot I wrapped my short arms around his neck as far as they would go. I brought my self into an unexpected kiss; it was sloppy, too wet, out of synch, and tasted like liquor.
Not the way to start the night.
I can see this tour ending short for me.
I glared at him letting go and stomped off to the limo waiting outside.
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