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Pity Full

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Party? or Hell?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-10-14 - Updated: 2007-10-14 - 1195 words

Now, I’m wandering around the airport breathless, my dad was suppose to be picking me up. Taking a breather I pulled my cell out to call him.
It rang five times and he finally picked up, I could hear voices in the background.
Familiar voices.
“DAD! Where the heck are you? Did you forget about picking me up?”
“Romana, of course I didn’t. I’m busy with some customers at the gallery right now, but I had one of your old friends come get you.” I sighed.
“ Fine, I guess I’ll see ya later. Love you dad.”
“ Love you too.” he hung up quickly.
I looked around, I’m clueless. “ Great! He didn’t even say which friend.” After awhile I gave up sitting on a bench, then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I ignored them, I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. They tapped me again but this time harder. Finally I turned around; he smiled showing the smile I left behind.
He walked around the bench and stood in front of me. “Oh…wow.” its all I could muster out. Should I stand up? Shake his hand? Hug him? Tell him I should have never left him to get married? He made the choice for me; he pulled me up off the bench into a big hug. Wrapping my arms around him I brought him closer; inhaling the smell of cigarettes and mint. Reluctantly he let go, I looked up at his hazel eyes. Tears on the verge of spilling out, I couldn’t hold them back anymore. I sobbed.
“Gerard! I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I wish-”
“Romana I’m just glad you’re back. Don’t apologize anymore, its okay.”
By the time we got to the car I had finally stopped crying. I’m not even sure what I was crying for, but I know I needed to have a good cry. I just wish it hadn’t came at that moment.

“So where are we going? My dad isn’t even home to greet me; busy with the gallery.” Gerard smiled over at me. “ You know how Wes is when it comes to his artwork.” I nodded, he’s right. Art comes before his daughter…his only daughter.
“ But I’m just taking you home, I have some stuff with the band.” I rolled my eyes. “Oh, okay.” The rest of the ride was quiet but I could tell he had so many questions to ask. I refuse to ask him about them, if he wants answers then he better ask me himself. We pulled up into the garage, the lights were off in the house and the drains were down. When we go to the front porch I looked at Gerard suspiciously but he just grinned. Unlocking the door the house automatically lit up with people jumping out from every corner screaming “ SURPRISE!” including the band and my dad.
I dropped my bags running towards the band then tackled them all at once to the ground. “Ro, get off of me!” Mikey squealed. I rolled off of them laughing hysterically. I jumped up from the floor, I can’t believe it all of my old friends are here. “ Did you plan this?!” I asked my dad loudly. “ No, the guys did.” I smiled over at them all, “ I don’t understand, I haven’t spoke to any of you for two years and you did all this for me?” Frankie walked over towards me. “ We could have easily called you ourselves, but we didn’t. Lets kick it behind us and…PARTY!!!”
We turned the music up and started to dance; this is were I belong.
Looking over by the staircase Gerard sat alone; I got the feeling he wasn’t going to forgive me as easily.

From all the dancing I was extremely thirsty. “ Mikey I will be right back, want a drink?” He nodded robotically, also tired from the dancing. I bent down in the fridge hair falling in my face, taking the hair band from my wrist I tried to put my hair up. But Frank came from behind wrapping his arms around my waist, I automatically pushed him away.
“ Frank.” I glared; hard. He smiled back at me goofily, then back away sitting on the counter. “What? I was just being friendly, I’ve missed you a lot Romana.”
“I’ve missed you a lot too, but you can’t do things like that. You can’t just come up and touch me like that. Things can’t be like they were two years ago, I’m sorry to-” He jumped down from the counter. “ But I thought you cam back for me.” I shook my head. “ Of course I did, but not only you Frank. I came back for my dad and the rest of the band. Plus, I’m getting a divorce.” He backed away again, his eyes widened. “A divorce?”
“ Yea, that’s the main reason why I’m back. Did my dad not tell everyone?”
He shook his head slowly. “Oh, fuck. Frank I want you to go get Gerard and tell him to meet me in the back yard.”
Frank shot out into the living room to search for Gerard.

I sat in the old swing letting the cold air hit my face. Slowing down in the swing I could hear the crunch of leaves behind me. He getting closer…
Hearing the swing next to me squeak I looked over, the look on his face was not a good one. It was hard and cold. I cleared my throat. “Dad told you first didn’t he?”
“ Yeah, he told me.”
“ Hmm, did he tell you to give the news to everyone else?”
“Yeah, he did but I didn’t and I won’t” I got up form the swing and leaned against the fence covered in vines. “ When I called and said I was coming home you thought I was coming home for Frank didn’t you?” my voice was shaky from the cold air in my throat. “ What does it matter? I saw you two in the kitchen, I’m glad you guys are back together. He’s missed you; and you’ve recovered quickly from a two year marriage.” That one burned; ever had really bad heartburn? That’s how I feel right now. “Let me set you straight here! Frank is the one who was trying to get all over me, we are not and never will be back together. That marriage was two years wasted, it was hell, can’t you see why I’ve recovered so fast? I’m just happy to be back where I belong. Just so you know you were at the top of the list for things to come home for.” I looked up and saw the new expression on his face. Guilt and pity. He should feel guilty for assuming things like that but I sure as hell don’t want any pity.

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