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Based on an episode, the rose bride is like a bird trapped in her gilded cage, perhaps Utena is the one to set her free? A sweet symbolism story. The finale will be up shortly!

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Author's notes:

Hi ^^ I got the idea for this story one day when I was thinking about a part of an episode from the show. I thought I could do something with it, so I did. The part below is a piece of the script from the show, not mine and I got it from a website; I'm just burrowing it so you guys can have like a prologue. Well enjoy. ^-^ Oh and when the story breaks with "~ ~ ~" it separates the sections or some time had past.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~

Touga: "Well and truly beautiful..."

Touga: "And this breed is said to be very difficult."

Anthy: "Thank you very much."

Touga: "By the way, you all were having lunch outside today, weren't you?"

Anthy: "Yes. You saw, didn't you?"

Anthy : "With Utena-sama, Wakaba-san, and Chuchu."

Anthy: "It was a lot of fun."

Touga: "That's excellent."

Anthy: "Wakaba-san's lunch was so delicious."

Anthy: "I want to make a dish like that."

Touga: "The Rose Bride, cooking?"

Touga: "You shouldn't do such things as cooking."

Touga: "You should only take care of the roses here."

Touga: "This birdcage is your territory."

Touga: "And you are the beautiful little bird which lives here."

Touga: "I want to possess this birdcage and everything in it."

Touga: "I would never take you out from here, ever..."

Touga: "Forever..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Spirit of the Once Wild Rose" By: Neptunes Tears

An exotic and beautiful creature flew around its newly placed confinement. It bit the bars in a type of panicky rebellion before being soothed into compliance by a gently persuading, yet commanding touch; the cage door was then closed again.

The two standing figures then watched, one with calm green eyes and a placid expression that always hid the interior; And the other, who had replaced their hands into their uniform pockets.

"Isn't it beautiful, Anthy?" The student council president asked to the girl who stood beside him.

"Hai." The rose bride responded with that same smile, as always.

Touga whistled softly, coaxing for the bird to sing but the creature only glanced around its surroundings nervously; opening and closing its beak a few times as its little chest heaved quickly when it took in breaths of air.

He smirked a little and glanced over at the young girl beside him again.

"Consider it a kindred spirit, perhaps a pet of sorts. I got this creature to keep you company while you attend the roses."

"But Oniisama doesn't allow pets on the campus." She interjected gently.

Touga glanced doubtingly at the money mouse creature that sat on its master's shoulder as if to say something but stopped when ChuChu had given him a warning for the better.


The student council president then continued his thought with a slightly amused expression.

"I've talked with the head chairman about this matter; he thinks it's a good idea to have such a beautiful creature brighten the rose garden with its song."

He reached over and touched Anthy's cheek making her look to him, as he continued gently meeting her eyes.

"After all, that's the bird's duty isn't it? It's what the bird lives for."

He let his hand fall and she looked over and met the eyes of the winged creature within its gilded entrapment.

"You are just like this bird in that, this is your gilded cage. Where you are protected and sheltered." Touga then gestured to the sky that shown down on them in brightly dancing patches through the plants of the green house ceiling. "And if a bird is set free from its cage it'll die in the wild because it can no longer survive on its own. Like a rose when it is picked, its thorns loose their painful edge. Never forget that Anthy."

The girl's expression throughout this never seemed to change but for a spilt second her eyes seemed sadder. When Touga had left, she let her fingers linger on the latch of the cage for a moment before letting her hand fall and clasp with the other in front of her.

"I am the Rose Bride."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Himemiya.?" A princely looking figure with bright rose colored hair had called out for her friend as she peeked into the green house looking to walk with her to their morning classes. Upon opening the door her senses were enveloped in the sudden over whelming scent of roses, Utena smiled before stepping in completely. With a soft sucking noise the heavy glass door shut behind her and as its handle clicked into place.

The damp humid air clung to the Prince's skin as she slowly made her way through the never ending tangle of plants and roses. The atmosphere seemed alive with life energy, elemental energy, quiet claming stillness yet it seemed to whisper of secrets. Utena stopped walking when she noticed something she never heard before in the rose garden. It was a delicately sweet type of tune, despite the thick enclosed atmosphere.

She walked closer to investigate and the song stopped, its maker titled its tiny head and peeped curiously looking to the Prince who had approached the cage.

"Onayo Utena-sama, I'll join you as soon as I am finished here." The rose bride greeted with a smile and finished watering a group of white roses toward the back of the green house, before replacing the watering can and picking up her books.

"Himemiya, where did this bird come from?" Utena had asked when Anthy had stood beside her a moment later; stepping in to look at the caged creature with a sensitive expression and tentatively stroked the feathers of its wing. All the while it just looked to her, strangely tame for being such an exotic looking animal.

"Touga sempai gave it to me a few days ago." She responded looking to her champion.

"I can only imagine to what lengths he went to get this, but it will get sick being cooped up in here all the time." Utena continued to look to the captive still and wondered if its once wild spirit, filled with the nature urge to survive, was broken.

"I'm sure it will die if it stays here." She concluded.

"If that's how you feel about it, then I will no longer keep it." Anthy responded submissively.

Any other time Utena would have hated for her to agree so willingly and be as passive as the Rose Bride obeying her master, but this was different. Utena felt compelled to save this creature. It was more then just a bird trapped in a cage. It seemed to represent everything she believed in. It seemed connected somehow to the cause she had felt since she was given the rose signet.

The rose bride watched as the cage clicked open and squeaked as it was pushed aside by the Prince's hand. But the bird just looked to its savior as if not knowing what to do. Utena reached in collecting the bird in her hands carefully avoiding claws or bites that didn't come. The creature simply chirped once but other then that seemed tame.

"It seems to no longer have the will to fly, Utena-sama."

Utena petted the bird's feathers a little and looked to Anthy hopefully.

"I'm sure once it realizes it's free, and feel the wind on its wings, it will have no problem. It's always had the will to be free, Hime; No one can take that away."

Their eyes met and Anthy smiled, it was a little different then the usual smile she gave. There was something that glimmered in her eyes, even for a brief moment and Utena smiled back.

"Come on, let's let it go together."

They both walked out and into the sunlight of the early morning.

~ ~ ~ * ~
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