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Spirit Of The Once Wild Rose- Finale

The dim light from the desk lamp made the sleeping figure's skin glow softly. Pink tresses slid slowly across a strong frame and shoulders, making its way over a peaches and cream hued cheek of their face; calm from the light sleep that they had fallen into by accident while reading.

The book had lain still in the Prince's hand which rested over the edge of her bunk bed. As she slept the more relaxed her grip became, till finally the book slid from her fingers and slammed shut against the hard wood floor. Utena awoke started and nearly fell from her recent perch. She sweat dropped and proceeded to descend the last few steps of her bed's latter and noticed ChuChu eating a late night snack on the small coffee table in the center of the room, scattering cookie crumbs as he nibbled noisily. Utena still flushed from her slowly awakening embarrassment, looked to the money mouse creature sheepishly.

"You didn't see that, okay ChuChu?"


"Good." Utena glanced down at the bunk bed below hers and saw that it was empty.

'I wonder where Hime is this late. She was sleeping when I started reading.'

She noticed that the door to their room was ajar and she pushed it open looking out into the dim hallway of the empty dorm that they shared by themselves. She never really noticed how lonely and quiet it was until she was alone.

Utena leaned against the door frame arms crossed as she slowly rubbed the tiredness from her eyes and tried to think of places Anthy could be and stopped hearing the faint sound of music being played from down stairs.

"Do you hear that?" She asked over her shoulder to her chewing companion who had finished his cookie and climbed up to sit on her shoulder.

Slowly descending the stairs, Utena quietly made her way to room the music was coming from and looked in. What she saw made her smile. The music had been from Anthy who sat at the piano playing a beautiful piece that needed no sheet music. She went to take another step when the worn floor boards of the large empty house had creaked under her weight. Utena winced a little and hoped Anthy hadn't heard her, but the music had stopped.

"Oh Utena-sama, I didn't mean to wake you."

The pajama clad tomboy shook her head a little feeling sorry that she had been spying in the first place. ChuChu scrambled down off her shoulder and went to sit beside his mistress and play with the dial on the piano's top that was used for keeping the tempo.

"You didn't wake me. I'm sorry for interrupting your playing. I had no idea you had such a talent, Hime." Utena responded awed still by the pretty music that had once flowed through the room.

"It's really nothing. I've played ever since I can remember." Anthy touched her fingers to the keys again and continued with her music even though Utena was still in the room.

"You don't mind if I listen?" Utena asked, sitting beside her on the piano bench. She wondered if this was considered one of the tasks for the rose bride did for their engaged and that was why she didn't mind.

"Not at all, Utena-sama; I like to play for you." Anthy smiled to her genuinely as she said this and a blush crossed Utena's cheeks a little and ran her fingers lightly over her side of the keys.

"Maybe someday you could teach me, and we could play a duet together."

"I would like that very much."


~ La Fin ~

~ ~ ~ ~

Authors notes:

If you haven't noticed, Anthy represents the bird from like before and her playing is symbolic. Like how the bird wouldn't sing for Touga, but Anthy choose to play for Utena. And of course the promise at the end is like the promise in the episode before the last one I think when Utena tells Anthy they will have tea together ten years from then. Anyway I hoped you liked it.
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