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last show.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007-10-15 - Updated: 2007-10-15 - 759 words

"you guys excited about your last show for this tour?"
"yes and no" bob answered
"Yeah I mean I love touring and seeing all our fans, but I miss being home" Ray stated.
"same" you answered with a smile " I mean, I'm just the merch girl, but I'm still going to miss it" you finished.

With that they all walked on stage, well everyone but Gerard. He walked up to you and stopped.
"what are you doing? Go! your making the fans wait!" you said
"Don't worry I'm going in a second, I want to ask you something". As soon as he said that he pulled out a box and you gasped. He opened it up and you saw... a silver key.
"will you move in with me in Jersey Carrie?"
You had the biggest smile on your face, you kissed him and said "go sing" he looked confused but once he got on stage he looked over at you and you were still smiling which caused him to be even more confused. You then shook your head yes and a huge smile spread across his face and they started the show. That night you saw them put on the best show you have ever seen. 'if he did all that just to ask me to move in with him I wonder what his marriage porposal would be like.....marriage?!?!? ah! what am I thinking' you thought to yourself.

After the show you all went back to the bus to start packing, well Ray did a quick row of signing and then went to pack. "MIKEY! Where did you put my ipod?" you yelled walking up to him and his stuff. "what are you talking about?" he asked with a smile on his face. "come on Mikey, I thought you were done with hinding my stuff" "No way! I'm just getting started, now that your not new any more, and you haven't been for a long time, your free to trick" You then looked at Ray who looked down right away, then you looked at Bob who started to whistle and look up, then Frank who just sat there looking at you smiling, then finally Gerard who couldn't stand the silence besides Bob whistling "Ah! here!" he screamed and went over to his suitecase opened it up, then opened up his japaneses suitecase with his pajamas in it took them out and took your ipod out of the front pocket of them. "Mikey, why did you put it in his stuff?" you asked " well since your moving to New jersey with us I figured you just find it later" "I need it for the plane ride though" "oh right" with that every one burst out laughing and finshed packing.

Once back in Michigan you told Heather, grabbed the rest of your belongings, gave her a goodbye hug, and flew to Jersey. Once there Gerard picked you up from the airport with Worm of course, and he dropped you two off at your new apartment. You walked in and saw white walls, with black, tan, or wood furniture. Then you saw a man sitting on the Tan couch watching t.v. "Shawn, I would like you to meet Carrie, Carrie this is Shawn one of my oldiest and dearst friends" "Nice to meet you" you said "Same" he said while you shook his hand. "Hey you guys, you need a new paint job, white walls are very boring." "I told you dude, I'm going to get along with her great I can tell" Shawn said "Yeah yeah well now you two have something to do while I'm gone" Gerard said "gone?" you asked "Brian booked as in the U.K in 2 weeks, I'm sorry, I will help you unpack, get settled in and feel at home but then I have to go for 2 months" "I understand" you said. He then took you to the room you two would be staying in. "Hey Gee, who your merch girl/boy?" "oh we have a different one every night, the place were performing hires some one." "gotcha" With that asked you went and started unpacked, and he came and helped. Shawn went back to watching t.v. "Just think when you get back, this whole apartment will look completely new" "I'm hoping so, we needed a female touch to this place" he said and smiled "Oh and one more thing. I definitely want to get a kitten." you said in a happy tone. He looked up from the box with a blank stare.
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