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Frank is still having thoughts

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“A Kitten?”
“Yes a kitten, I love cats and I think it would be the perfect touch to a happy family, you, me, Shawn and a kitten. Besides who is going to keep me company when you’re off touring and Shawn is working?”
“True, alright, but we are getting and naming it together”
“Deal” you said
“And one more thing, were getting a puppy too” He stated
“ A puppy?”
“Yes, I love dogs and so we need one too, of course it will have to wait awhile, at least until the kitten is no longer a kitten”
“Ok, sounds good to me, I like dogs too.”
You looked at the clock. “Oh wow, is it really 1:00a.m?”
“Yes it is… shit! I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00 in New York!” Gerard said
“Well then you better get to bed.”
“Me? I think we”
You laughed and then yawned as if that was your answer. So the both of you went, got on you pajamas, and got into the bed. Once you both were in you fell asleep right away holding each other. You have not had sex yet together, but you both were perfectly okay with that since you have only known each other for four months.

The next afternoon you woke up to the smell of coffee, and got up right away still in your pajamas, then headed to the kitchen. You were expected to see Shawn there but instead you saw Frank.
“Frank? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the meeting?”
“No, that’s for Gerard’s comic book, and I came to talk to Gee, but I forgot about his meeting. Shawn went to work after letting me in, so I figured I’d just wait till you woke up and we could go sight seeing, well really me just showing you around.”
“Oh, cool, alright, let me get ready, keep yourself busy for like a half hour, I wont do my hair so it wont take me as long”
“Will do”
You chugged your cup of coffee then headed to the bathroom to take your shower. Once out you got dressed into a pair of black jeans, a long sleeved shirt with a hood and you put your black Black Flag shirt on. You then went back into the bathroom, put your hair up into a messy ponytail, put on some gray eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara and Chap Stick, and then went out to find Frank sitting and watching TV.
“Ready?” he said once he heard you pull out a chair to sit on
“Yeah, just let me put on my chucks”
“Alright, don’t forget your key”
“Already got it, lets go!”
So the two of you were off to explore New Jersey.

Once outside the two of you walked about a block until Frank said
“Put on your sunglasses, for some hard reason it harder for people to recognize us with them on.”
“Ok? But I hate to break it to you, people know what we look like, in fact they are used to seeing us together because they know were best friends, so I don’t know what sunglasses are going to do”
“Just put them on”
You did as he asked and then two of you continued to walk.

“Look at that.” You said while pointing to a cute little sleeveless dress
“The dress.”
“You mean you want to get a dress?”
“I dunno, but I want to try it on!” you said while grabbing his hand and pulling his across the street and into the shop.
“Sit! And tell me what you think, I might need it one day you never know”
“Fine, just to make you happy”
After zipping the dress up and tying the ribbon under your chest you looked into the mirror and was surprised. Usually dresses looked like crap on you, but this black one didn’t look half bad. You pulled open the curtain and walked up to see Frank jaw slightly drop.
“I take it it’s a keeper”
“Alright, I’ll be right back.
Getting changed you couldn’t help but wonder why Frank looked at you like that. It seemed as if he had a crush on you but you shook your head and realized you were being stupid. ‘ He’s my best friend, nothing more, he’s allowed to say I look good in a dress’.
Once out of the dress and back in your clothes, you purchased the dress and the two of you went out to a late lunch before heading home, well your home.

Walking up to your door way arm in arm like old times you pulled your key out of your pocket and turned around to give Frank a goodbye hug. He on the other hand moved closer to you. He was getting closer and closer and finally his forehead was touching your and his hips were against yours.
‘I want to kiss her so bad, but I know I can’t. God, what is wrong with me, she is my best friend, I should not be having these thoughts. But I just want to kiss her one more time, just like I did on the bus back in August… No! I can’t’

‘Whoa, hold up what’s going on, why is he so close to me? Back up Frank, Don’t make things awkward. …… Maybe he does have feelings for me’
‘ Why isn’t she moving? Does she want me to kiss her? No, she just doesn’t know what to do. Ah! I’m just making this awkward for the both of us! What should I do now? Think Frank think’

And then still touching foreheads and hips he moved his lips closer to Carrie’s and then… licked the tip of her nose.

“Ah! Gross Frank!” you said while laughing

“That’s what you get for being my best friend. I wasn’t in the mood for a hug so I thought a lick would do.”

“Next time, a hug is going to have to work”
“Oh alright fine, can I have one now then?” he asked
“I guess.” You said with a chuckle

While hugging him you thought.
‘I guess I was wrong, he can’t have feelings for me, he would have kissed me again if he did’

As he thought

‘Good one Frankie boy I’m sure she doesn’t suspect a thing. I just wish I could have just kissed her though. Gerard is one lucky guy’

Then the hug was over and you opened the door, walked inside and saw Frank walk down the steps and to his car.
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