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Goodbyes are always hard

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touring again

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“Hey Shawn where’s Gerard?”
“In your room getting out of his meeting clothes.”
“Ok, thanks”
You walked up to the door and heard talking coming from the other side, so you knocked then opened the door.
“Yeah, the meeting went great, they love my comic”
You quietly coughed so he knew you were in the room.
“Hey Frank, Carrie just walked in, I’m going to have to call you later.”
“Okay then, I’ll see you in two days”
As he hung up the phone you said
“I just got back from hanging with Frank, what did he want?”
“He wanted to remind me about the tour, and to see how the meeting went”
“When do you leave?”
“In two days… are you ready?”
“To get the kitten?” I’m leaving for a few months and you need a kitten to keep you company remember?”
“Yup, lets go!”

-3 hours later-
“We have to have a cat?” Shawn asked while sitting at a table eating a sand which
“Yes, now we just have to name it” Gerard said
“But why a cat?” Shawn asked still annoyed that you two brought home a kitten.
“Because I’m a cat person, also because when I picked this little guy up he decided to start purring in my arms. He’s my buddy, no wait, and my baby. Just like your car is your baby.”
“Oh, gotcha.”
“Ok, we still need to name him” Gerard stated
“Well, I’ve always liked the names; Bill, Frankie, Ted, Peter, Midnight, Snowball, Cosmo and T.J.” you said
“Not Frankie, one is enough. Not snowball; Mikey’s cats name is Snowball. TJ is boring, and Midnight is typical for a black cat. So that leaves Bill, Ted, Peter and Cosmo. Gerard stated.
“Peter is a no for me, I had a buddy named peter, lets just say we’re not friends any more.” Shawn said
“Ok, so either Bill, Ted, or Cosmo” Gerard said
“Why not Cosmo, like the magazine, I mean look at him, he looks and acts like a proper gentleman. Well a gentalcat.” You said
“Ha-ha, this is true” Gerard said
“I don’t see it” Shawn said
“You don’t like cats”
“I never said that! However, I do like the name”
“Sounds like we have a winner. Cosmo, welcome to the family” Gerard stated.

-Two days later-
Standing there hugging the man of your dreams goodbye is one of the hardest things you could ever do. Sure he’ll be gone for only four months, but that’s a long time!
“I’m going to miss you so much, you have no idea” you said into his neck has you held each other.
“Yes I do.” He squeezed you harder. You lifted your head you see a sad Gerard. He then lowered it and kissed you so passionately you felt like you were melting into his arms. You both then heard a slight cough and broke away from.
“Bus is leaving, our flight wont wait” Brian said.
“I know” with that he gave you another quick kiss and stepped onto the bus.
You waved goodbye to the rest of the guys threw the window. When you saw Frank get up and run to the door you met him at the stairs.
“I need a goodbye hug” He stated
“A hug, not a lick”
He smiled and pulled you into a nice strong and long hug.
“I’m going to miss you, call me any time. Oh and defiantly call me if you get sick of hearing Gee’s voice.”
“Ha-ha, okay. I’ll miss you too Frank, take care. Oh and don’t get sick!”
“I wont…. At least I hope”
You both smiled at one another and hugged one more time. Something you were not expecting though was that he gave you a quick kiss on the cheek. It shocked you, but you didn’t mind. You best friend was leaving for four months. He stepped back onto the bus and you watched them drive off until the bus vanished.

Buzz buzz

You pulled out your sidekick and looked at a calendar. ‘ What am I going to do for four months?’ you thought to yourself. Checking your buzznet account you decided to make a Sweeny Todd confession video and then fell asleep with Cosmo on your stomach.
“Yo, Carrie, I’m going on a business trip in a couple months” Shawn said waking you up
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you”
“Its all good”
“Well yeah, I’m going on a business trip and your never believe where.”
“Spill, I need to know”
“The U.K!” he said
“What?!?!?!?! When??!?!?” you asked
“Two months, and guess what the best part is?”
“Guess who is performing then, and guess who gets to come along with me?”
“What? Are you serious? My Chem. Is playing in the U.K when you’re going and you get to bring a friend?”
“Shawn, this is incredible! Thank you for thinking of me!”
“Not a problem, I know Gerard will be happy to see you too
“Don’t tell him! I want it to be a surprise!”
“Nice, ok, I wont”
“I wonder how Cosmo is going to act flying in a plane” you said to Shawn.
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