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Part 5

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Part 5

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2007/10/15 - Updated: 2007/10/15 - 946 words - Complete

Kind of a filler part but you have had 3 updates in 3 days (I think) so I’m allowed.
Part 5
Gerard’s POV- ‘I thought I’d lost you.’
I get up and dressed and breakfasted and I’m about to retreat to the computer to do some work on my CV when I get an unexpected visitor, Frank. I open the door and welcome him in, guiding him to the dining room. I go to get two beers from the fridge, think better of it, and reach for two Red Bulls instead. I hand his over to him and crack open my own, taking a seat opposite him at the dining room table.
“I thought we should talk…” He begins then looks lost for words.
“I’m sorry I did that to you Frank.” I continue for him, cutting to the point. “I’d just had such a sh*t day…”
“-I know.” He interrupts me. “I don’t really blame you.”
“She really did me over. Made it seem like it could be mine. I didn’t know what to think. I mean she told me just after I’d got sacked which didn’t help matters. Then I nearly got mugged going out to my car! When I heard about you and Amy I just flipped out.”
“I know.” He repeats. “Like I said I don’t blame you, it’s my fault for accepting the bet…. It’s definitely not your kid then?”
“No… definitely. And you didn’t really act on the bet if you were going to get with her anyway.”
“I guess…” He says. We take swigs of Red Bull and my thoughts turn to yesterday. “Last night, where did you go?” I ask him. He looks up at me from the depths of despair that seems to have formed on my table.
“Get laid?” I add in what I hoped was on off hand tone of voice but I didn’t convince either of us.
“Yes. And I got stoned, high and p*ssed. Happy?”
“No. Considering a lot of this is down to me.”
“Don’t be stupid Gee…”
“I’m not.” I insist. “I know that I fcked a lot of things up for you when I went and did that sht at Amy’s. I know I triggered all this self-loathing. Why do you try and destroy yourself so badly?”
“I don’t know.” He mumbles. “I just don’t really like how I turned out. I’m a wh*re. Somehow that’s ok because I’m a guy but I know that I hurt people and I seem to have developed conscience and now I hurt because I hurt those people.”
“Frank. You’re a good guy.” I say, meaning it with every bone in my body.
“I talk to Amy last night.”
“Really? When? Did you call her or what?” I ask, surprised that she answered the phone or gave him time to open his mouth.
“After I got trashed I called Bob. I needed a ride.” He explains. “He refused to take me home in the state I was in so he took me back to his. We talked a whole bunch and I made a million and one drunken confessions and cried like a baby then puked in his toilet.” He blushes but carries on. “Bob went and got her and asked her to talk. She must have heard me downstairs confessing my undying love for her because she agreed and it was Ok.”
“What did she say? Did she forgive you?”
“Kind of. She said we needed to take our time and that we couldn’t just go straight back to being how we were before but it seems good.” He smiles and my stomach churns inexplicably.
“You think she’ll forgive me then?”
“I suppose. I didn’t know she wasn’t talking to you.”
“I haven’t had it as bad as you but I’ve still had it.” I admit. We drink our Red Bulls in thoughtful silence for a few minutes before I’m greeted by one of Frank’s shy/ mischievous smiles.
“What?” I ask with a sigh.
“Do you know anything about science?”
“I might maybe have an exam tomorrow and Amy hasn’t been tutoring me for obvious reasons.”
“Well, I thought you guys had made up?”
“Not completely. Plus she’s in an RS exam this afternoon.”
“I swear you stalk her.”
“Well… can you blame me?” He jokes. I’m glad we’re back to how we used to be, relaxed around each other, joking and smiling.
“No.” I admit. “Let’s see what you need to know then.” He pulls 3 books from his bag and I realised that even though he was pretty down it hadn’t stopped him being so damn optimistic. He looks up at me apprehensively.
“You can do science can’t you?”
“Yeah.” I smile. I was actually pretty damn good.”
“Sweet.” He smiles and starts opening the books to find relevant information.
“One catch.” I say, coming to a sudden decision.
“What?” He says. Looking like he’d do anything to get me to help him pass this test.
“You come with me to meet Amy from her exam. I was to clear things up with her, and maybe you can persuade her to hang with us later?”
“Sure.” He agrees looking relieved that it wasn’t something worse. We hit the books and I count down the hours until a big ugly rock could be taken off my shoulders and I could finally talk to Amy again.
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