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Here There Be Dragons

by Clell65619 21 Reviews

One Shot. What might have happened if at the first Task of the Triwizard Tournament Harry's Firebolt didn't show up?

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Harry - Published: 2007/10/17 - Updated: 2007/10/17 - 698 words - Complete


  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) jmcqk6 2008-02-15 06:40:17 PM

    Nicely done! The twist at the end had me laughing out loud. Could be a nice name for the scene "sometimes, it doesn't pay to be patient."

    Anyway, off to read some more of your stories.

    Author's response

    - Thanks
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) LabRat 2008-05-08 12:02:47 AM

    Now that was entertaining. You should definitely do one for the second task. Have him take Gabrielle instead of Ron, and be like "What, I'm a sucker for the damsel in distress."
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) Ross_the_Boss 2008-05-22 09:48:56 AM

    Makes a better story, then the actual battle
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) dimriver 2008-10-10 07:10:24 PM

    The broom arriving after a long time makes a lot of sense. I always see accio used as a combat charm in fan fiction, but it seems like it would be more for convenience and things flying at you really fast are not that convenient.
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) marvintm 2008-11-13 06:29:29 PM

    Very nice. The last line made the story.
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) keichan2 2008-12-07 12:51:32 AM

    The last sentence of this story had me laughing out loud!
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) Alorkin 2008-12-07 09:36:22 AM

    Another great one-shot from the snark-master.

    Harry never figured he'd have to wait for his broom. I agree, about the Dragons being reptiles, more or less, and if he can speak to one breed, he should be able to speak to them all.

    Ms. Dragon ain't happy and she's getting ready to let the insignificant ones know precisely how irritated she really is.

    The last line was killer! "What?" God on ya!

  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) selonianth 2008-12-11 01:49:42 PM

    Talking to dragons makes a TON of sense they are basically giant serpents with legs and wings (unless your chinese then their just giant serpents with front legs) i've read multiple stories where dragons are the "lords of serpentkind" The Basalisk itself would have a hard time kicking a dragons ass all the dragon has to do is close its eyes they aren't THAT stupid.
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) Quackpotty 2009-06-27 08:40:06 AM

    I can't believe I didn't review this when I first read it. Oh well, I loved it, and thought it really funny. Thanks for the light-hearted story.
  • Here There Be Dragons

    (#) aqmy 2009-07-20 04:03:05 PM

    I usually do not read one shots but your summary got me. And your little story did the rest. Fantastic writing and funny ending.

    Keep it going! :)

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