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I Know We'll Stay The Same.

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Part Two. R&R!

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Part Two: I Know We'll Stay The Same.

Sighing, she took her place on the bed, glancing at her phone as she laid down. Seeing it light up, she picked it up and saw that she had two new text messages, both from him:

i’ll be home soon. ily.

And the most recent one-

imy! call me when you get the chance.

Trust Ryan to leave vague messages, she thought.

It had been about three months since she’s seen him, held him, kissed him.

It was hard. Him being gone so frequently for so long had definitely taken a toll on her. But she knew that he was worth it.

For years, she’d been at his side and him at hers. It was one of those “young love” types of things. Since they were about ten, Alex knew that Ryan was the one for her. Friends, enemies, lovers; they’d been through it all.

It was almost proven that they were meant to be together. Whenever she would doubt their relationship, someway, somehow, Ryan would call, or leave a message just telling her that he cared.

Ironically, her phone started buzzing and danced around in circles, waiting for her to pick it up. She stared at it, watching it do all it could for her attention.

Taking it into her hands, she put it up to her ear and uttered a barely audible,


“Ry,” she smiled into the phone. Just knowing that he called made her smile.

“So how’s my baby?” he asked her.

“Oh, you know. Hobo likes the attention and-”

“No! I’m talking about you!” he laughed.

She smiled even wider. “Because I’m so used to you calling me that.”

“I know, I know, it’s a stretch. But what am I supposed to do? I’ve been Lex-deprived for so long!”

“Aww, you poor thing. When will you be home? I miss you.”

“Soon, really soon. Hey…shouldn’t you be asleep or something? It’s almost one, right?”

“I guess…Well you called me!”

“Haha, that’s beside the point. Go to sleep. Goodnight.”

“Fine, fine. I love you. Bye.”

“I love you too. Sleep well.”

Some things were good enough to be waited for.
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