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Chapter 1

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It’s the first day of school, ugh First day of the last year of school well at least the last year of high school thought Cindy. She had already ran into a few of her old friends and it wasn’t even 1st period yet. “Ummmmmm” she said glancing at her schedule math first in room….212 ‘shit math first thing in the morning why me’ she said under her breath. She heard someone cough as she turned around in the direction of her first class.

“Do you always talk to yourself???” said the guy.
“Ya so what and you are….”
“Gerard Way, I’m new here we just moved from New Jersey.”
“When you say we you mean who???” Said Cindy
“Me and my brother Mikey”
“Mmmm ic well I really got to get going I have crappy math first with Mrs. Norbington and man is she a stickler for being on time.”
“I have math with her too what else do you have???”
They compared there time tables as the walked towards homeroom all of a sudden they heard a Loud ringing

“Fuck that must be the new bell they installed over the summer, Shit that means were late” Said Cindy
They both started to run/ jog so they wouldn’t get to class too late, as they came to the room Mrs. Norbington was standing there waiting,
“I expect you to be on time for the first day of Class Miss. Knight and Mr. Way its nice to see you like a grand Entrance on your first day of school do not let it happen again.”
At the same time they both answered “Yes Mrs. Norbington”

It was all they could do to keep from laughing as they headed towards the back row where there were only 2 seats left and they were really crappy ones too
“I guess this is what we get for being late hey” Said Gerard
“Ya I guess so hey do you have study hall for 3rd”
“Ya but I don’t have English philosophy or Photography”
“So I guess the next time we see each other will be then hey...” Cindy said kind of blushing
“QUITE BACK THERE” Mrs. Norbington Screamed
It made the two of them jump.

By the time class was over she had learned nothing at all Cindy didn’t know whether it was because it was the first day or because she thought she liked Gerard and could think of nothing but him. But that was crazy why would she like him she barely knew him. But then again…..
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