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Chapter 2

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Second period came and went lunch seemed to take twice as long then usual. Cindy looked for Gerard during lunch but couldn’t find him. When study hall came she was really anxious. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted to see him. Cindy’s mind started to wander back to the time when she had had a boyfriend the only thing she remembered about that relationship was that he was a jerk who had cheated on her and gotten that girl pregnant. After that fiasco Cindy was the subject of most of the gossip going around the school everyone was saying that she was no longer a virgin which was a lot of bull thought Cindy,

Here at New York Prep school virginity was a huge thing which she thought was really stupid because if you were still a virgin then you were considered stupid, naïve, or a little kid but if you weren’t you were considered a whore so it was a lose – lose situation. Cindy’s Mind began to clear as she collected her thoughts and came back to reality.

She finally noticed that Gerard had walked in and as scanning the room he could only guess that he was looking for her but wait “Damn” she said under her breath he wasn’t alone there were 4 people with him. 3 she knew from phys-ed last year and the other one looked new so she could only guess that he was Mickey?? Or was it Mikey?? Any ways Gerard’s brother.

She waved them over to her table. Gerard saw Cindy and waved at her then he turned around and whispered something to the guys they started to laugh “fuck” Cindy said under her breath again she had truly thought that Gerard was different. But then again most guys are like that. They say something nice and then go and talk to their “guy” friends about you

“Hey Gerard I see you brought a few friends along” She said cursing in her head but smiling on the outside
“Ya I hope you don’t mind Ray and Frankie aren’t staying right?”
“Err ya right we’ll be heading out now ttyl” Said Ray
“Oh and this is Mikey” He said
“Hey Mikey how’s it going for you” Said Cindy
“It’s all right class’s suck but oh well I’ll deal”
“Ya well I gotta go to the washroom I’ll be back in a few”
As she said this she stood up and thought “shit I need the hall pass and its Mrs. Norbington today”
“Well here goes nothing”
She went up to her and asked as politely as possible: May I please have the hall pass?
And with out even looking up she handed her the hall pass
“YES” Cindy screamed in her head

She walked out of study hall and down the hall towards the girl’s bathroom suddenly she felt all the tension build up for that day she hadn’t realized how stressed she had been as she neared the bathroom she started to dig thru her purse “damn where is that tin?????” she automatically turned into the bathroom and headed towards the sinks as she found the tin she ran the water and took a gulp of water and picked up one of the “Candies” and she swallowed the pill almost instantly she felt the effects of the pill take effect and she started to feel a little light headed as the tension and the pain drifted away into oblivion. She slowly walked out of the room only to be startled by Gerard standing across the hallway

“Mmmmmm what are you doing here??” asked Cindy
“Looking for you”
“Mmmmmm really”
“Ya you look different somehow why?”
“Mmmmmm really”
“Mmmmmm ya and can you stop saying mmmmmm”
“Mmmmmm ok “
“Are you on something???”
“Maybe but you’ll never find out”
“So you are one something, so what is it?”
“Mmmmmm no idea”
“So you just take whatever you have?”
“Basically ya”
“Well you gonna share?”
“On what?”
“You gonna kiss me?” Cindy says as she reaches up and puts her hands around his neck
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