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chapter one

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gerard loves his brother. but is this love more than it should be? ... enjoy i hope you like it. please comment.

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Gerard's pov

"c'mon c'mon!" god he gets angry easy. I'm sitting in the passengers seat next to Karl, mums new boyfriend, we're in the drive through for maccas. "hurry the fuck up, this place is hopeless, we have to leave by five thirty and its already five eighteen." Oh by the way, mum and Karl are going to some comedy concert thingo tonight. Leaving me home alone with my eight year old baby brother, mikey. "its okay Karl, you will make it. They are probably just having a bad night. A staff shortage or something." He turned and shot me a glare, "shut up, you probably wouldn't know what a staff shortage is even if it bit you on the arse. Although you'd probably like that." I was hurt. Why must he be like that. Why must he always imply that I'm gay? I'm not. Well at least not from what I know, I'm only eleven years old.
"I'm not stupid Karl I know what it is" he turned again and his hand shot up too quick for me to register in time, and came back down even faster. -slap- it burned like a bitch. "do not talk back to me boy! Its about time you learnt some respect." And I didn't speak another word for the rest of the car ride.

We finally got home, it had seemed like ages, but it was only really ten minutes. I burst in the door and grabbed mikey, we both ran briskly down the hallway dodging all the corners and scattered toys on the floor. I could hear Karl yelling at us from the kitchen, but I took no notice of him and just kept running. I burst into our room and waited a few seconds as mikey ran in and I shut the huge metal door behind him.

"what's with all the running? What's wrong?" I sat on my bed trying to catch my breath, my face still stinging like mad. "nothing mikes, nothing just eat your dinner before it gets cold." I tossed the bag full of food to him and he caught it and sat on the floor in front of me. He is so cute. So innocent. Those bloody glasses are too big for his tiny face, "mikey why do you wear those stupid glasses? You know they're too big?" he just sat there looking up at me behind those huge glasses. They were our grandfathers, meaning they were huge, ugly and old fashioned. But mikey loved them. He crossed his legs under his 25 kilo or less body and munched on his cheese burger. He is so damn cute it breaks my heart knowing that he's being brought up in this fucked up family. "make sure you swallow before you talk, remember what happened last time?" he just nodded and giggled. Oh, last time we got maccas Karl was yelling at me because I ate my quarter pounder meal and mikeys extra cheese burger. I cant help that im a hungry boy. Anyway, he was yelling at me about being a 'fat little piggy boy who will never be kissed by a girl and will never find the right girl because girls don't like fatties.' I didn't really care because I didn't like girls, for some reason I just don't. they don't attract me in anyway at all. But it upset mikey, and he started yelling about how girls are disgusting and they have cooties so we don't like them and if I wanted his extra cheese burger I could have his extra cheese burger. Meanwhile all the food and drink that was previously in his mouth, was scattered over mums new table cloth, she wasn't too impressed. Mikey nodded and swallow4ed a few times. "because mu hasn't got the money to buy new ones."
"yeah because she spends it all on coke." O mumbled under my breath, which currently smelt like cigarettes and rum. I love rum. And yes I smoke, with Frankie and bob. My best friends. "what?"
"nothing honey, just finish your dinner." He looked up at me shocked, and stopped chewing and swallowed really loudly. Ive never called him that before. I really gotta learn to control my love for his sake.

"why is mum always knocked out? I mean seriously its not like she never gets any sleep. She doesn't work, and she doesn't go to school. She's home all the time." He looked up at me with his huge chocolate brown eyes, you could just melt in. or maybe it was those huge bloody glasses. I don't know. "I dunno mikes, I dunno." He knew I was lying. He always does. But he didn't push it.

"so gee gee what we gonna do tonight?" he wriggled a bit then rose from his spot and sat next to me on my double bed. Our bed was a bunk, I was on the double bed on the bottom and mikey was on the single on the top. "I dunno mikey, what do you wanna do?" he shuffled around a bit and laid down, his head on my pillow and legs stretched across me, hands tucked behind his head on the pillow. "well, I wanted to go and play in the snow. But its too dark now. So yeah." I laid down, with my legs hanging over the side of the bed and with my hands braided behind my head. We both kind of looked over at our huge metal door, half expecting Karl to burst in and start abusing us. Hang on. Karl. Mum and Karl were supposed to go out tonight. They should have left. I shot up off our bed and sent mikey flying onto the floor with a loud thud, and kept running out of our room down the hall and into the kitchen following into the front lounge. I could hear mikey not far behind yelling and cursing at me.

Mikey's pov

When I eventually caught up with gee gee I found him in the front lounge running around and laughing. I thought I might as well join in, so I started running around the room too and I pulled my top over my head like a soccer player, dodging the couch and the cats bed, and jumping the armchair and... running smack bang head first into the front door. I forgot about that. As I lay on the ground in immense pain (I learnt that word from gee gee, still don't know the meaning though) I heard gee laughing and his footsteps get closer and closer.
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