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Love, The Way Family.

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Andrea Dreams About The Moments In Time She Had With Her Husband Right Before His Funeral.

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-Chapter One: Love, The Way Family-

I sat in bed writing a letter to a friend. Until I heard a soft knock at my door.
"Come in." I said taking the pen and paper off my lap to place it on the nightstand. The door creaked open and my daughter Norah walked in silently crying.
"Oh, baby what's wrong?" I said cupping my hands around her face and wiping a tear away with my thumb.
"I want Daddy." Little Norah said wiping a tear away with her little hand. I Saw how fragile my daughter was. Norah looked so much like my husband Gerard. Her lips, her nose, to her beautiful hazel eyes were all just a reflection of him.
"Baby, you know your father isn't…here. We've been through this." Saying this hurt me. I said getting on my knees to get on my daughters level of height.
"Mommy." Norah said in a whiney tone.
"We both have a big day ahead of us, Hun. You have to go to bed." I said getting up holding Norah’s hand.
"How 'bout I read you a story when we get to your room, good idea? I asked Norah. We both walked out of the room and down the hallway, to enter Norah’s room. Norah’s room was a great size for a 4-year-old girl the walls were a salmon pink color. Norah was not very girly but the right amount girly. I waited until she was lying in a comfortable position in bed before I tucked Norah in her star patterned light purple bed sheets. I sat on my knees by Norah’s bed and rested my head on my hand.
"So what story do you want me to read?" I asked stoking Norah's hair.
"Read 'Toad and Frog'." Norah said pointing to the direction of her worn out book of "The Adventures Of Toad and Frog". I swore Gerard and I have read it to Norah millions of times. That was her favorite book and she wouldn't request another book from her self, Norah never heard the whole book she always feel asleep by the first few pages. Gerard was the only one to ever finish the book with her, but that only happened every once or so. I read a couple a pages of the book until Norah fell asleep. I closed the book and stood up to readjust the covers that were on top of my daughter. Norah stirred a bit and her hair ended up falling on her face. I tucked her hair behind her ear and it made me realize how much she looked like Gerard again. Norah was my life and I was glad I had Norah in my life she was the only thing to keep me living and breathing on this earth without her I wouldn’t exist. I had no time to dwell on my feelings now and with that I left to my room. It was late and I had to wake up first thing in the morning. I crawled into my empty bed and picked up my letter, which I left on my nightstand to finish it off with my signature. I grabbed my pen and signed away.
-Love, the Way Family.
I finally put the letter in the envelope, addressed it, and stamped it. I sat the letter on my nightstand again and thought a moment. Thinking about the moments I had with my husband and I started with how we first met.

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