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I'll Never Forget The Day We Met.

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-Chapter Two: Ill Never Forget The Day We Met-

I had to work and extra shift because my friend, well at least I think she is my friend, wanted to go out and party. I always do this for her now im stuck doing the night shift yet again. Working at this small venue doesn’t make me much money but just enough to get by in the Big Apple where I live. I wasn’t born here, I was raised in the rural area’s of Oklahoma so coming here for college was a big change. I had of depend on my self and I had no help. I have already graduated college though I lived by my self but my friend Aneesah lived below me she has been my friend since middle school and we help each other out. Just then, my boss interrupted my train of thought.
“Andrea! I need you to move the monitors to the side of the stage.” My boss Mr.Rickley said to me.
I immediately got up from sitting on the side of the stage. I looked around for the monitors and I couldn’t see them in sight.
“Hey, boss man! Where are the monitors?” I said yelling to where the audience would naturally be.
“There back stage you have to carry them up stage.” He said holding back a laugh. That fatass always trying to make shit difficult for me. Why couldn’t he help?
Oh, well I should get it done before the show starts. I only had an Hour and a half left to set up. I headed back stage and I heard the other bands talking and practicing in there dressing room area. I never heard of any of the bands before but it will be interesting. The headlining band was Nights Fall and guest would be North Star and My Chemical Romance. Interesting. I saw the monitors, and I grabbed one of them they were heavy so I dragged them instead, I was half way to the main stage and that’s when I heard a gigglish laugh. I turned around and saw a guy with long hair that went to his jaw line, fair tanned skin that looked paler then usual in the light, and a little chubby but not to bad. He looked like he was in one of the bands that are playing tonight.
“Im sorry. Did I scare you?” He said standing closer to me.
“No, Not really.” I said lying and I wasn’t really in the mood for small talk.
“So, what brings you here? How come no one is helping you with that stuff?” He said I guess he was trying to make up some conversation so I gave in.
“Well, I work here. And the other workers there out doing other things that’s not work.” I said feeling defeated the other employees just took advantage of me all the time. They always were paid for things they never worked for; unlike me, I tried my hardest even if I could decide to not do it at all as they did.
“Well, that sucks. Need help?” he asked picking up the monitor I was just dragging.
“No, I’ve got it, really” I said reaching for the monitor.
“You, sure I mean these are kinda heavy, you were just dragging them a minute ago.” He said.
“Yeah, im sure. It’s my job.” I said and right then he place the monitor in my hands and let it go. The unexpected weight of the monitor caused me to fall forward. I was already on the floor, I rolled over on my back, and the felling of embarrassment went through me.
“Are you okay?” he said he said laughing, hovering his head above me blocking the light causing a frame of bright light around his head like a glowing halo.
“I don’t even know, it happened to fast.” I said fixing to lift my self up and then he held out his long hand. I held hold of it and he lift me back up.
“Thanks.” I said brushing off my shirt.
“Now do you want help with those?” he said.
“Well, if it’s not a problem.” I said shifting my feet from side to side.
“Its not, I’ll get the other monitor in the back and you can just keep dragging this one to the stage.” He said heading to the back for the other monitor.
I barley was putting the monitor into place when he came out with the other one and placed it perfectly along side of the other one.
“Okay here you go; I have to go back to the dressing rooms. See you at the show, right?” He said putting his hands in his terribly beat up leather jacket with duct tape holding the sleeves together .
“Yeah I am, I work here remember.”
“Oh, yeah sorry.” He said he was fixing to walk away and then stopped in the middle of his tracks.
“Um, hey!” I heard him and turned my head toward his direction. “What is your name?”
“My name is Andrea” I said and smiled at him.
“I never heard that name pronounced like that before.” He said.
“Yeah, a lot of people say that” I said I go through this a lot when it came to my name.
“Why don’t you spell it a creative way so people can pronounce it like that? He said.
“Well, that’s how you say my name in Spanish. I heard that some people have a ‘U’ between the ‘A’ and ‘N’ but whatever I like my name, it kinda to late to change don’t you think.” I laughed and he did too.
“My name is Gerard by the way.” he said.
“I guess we both have interesting name now do we.” I said.
“Hey, are you making fun of my name?” he said crossing his arm and jokingly being mad.
“No, im not I just teasing.” I said, we were both laughing, and then a skinny tall boy that wore glasses interrupted our laughter.
“Yo, Gee were up in twenty-five.” He said waiting for him to leave with him.
“Okay bro.” Gerard said and then looked back at me. “I gotta go see you at the show, Andrea!” and he waved bye.
He is kind of cute. I really like him.
No! I can’t think that way about him I barley met him.
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