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Working The Night Shift...Again.

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Andrea Gets Introduced To The Band.

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-Chapter Three: Working The Night Shift...Again-

I was lying on the side of the stage when I got a call from Alyssa. I was working her shift. It was odd that she called me she never did, so I decide to answer and see what she wanted.
“Hi, Alyssa.” I said right when I answered.
“YO! Well, I was wondering if you could work my shift again next week on Saturday and Sunday.” She said slurring her words, which possibly meant she was drunk more likely.
“Why is there something important you need to take care of next week? I asked knowing that wasn’t the reason at all, she just wanted to party, and I knew that.
“No, you see there is this really hot club in time square and well there throwing this all night bash or something like that and I really need to go I can’t miss it!” Alyssa said slurring her words; so much, I could barely understand her.
“No problem, right?”
I wanted to say no but I just didn’t have the courage or believed in myself enough to do it.
“Um, Yeah sure, I’ll do it.” I said felling defeated once again.
How did it even come to them using me all the time, I just don’t understand how it all started.
“Thanks, Friend!” I heard her laugh and then she hung up.
I pushed END on my cell phone.
“Ugh, fucking drunk ass bitch!” I said putting my phone in my pocket.
I still lied on the stage; I felt myself drift off to sleep. Then all of a sudden, some one was shaking my body slightly.
“Wake up.” I heard the whisper.
I moaned and opened my eyes slightly and saw Gerard.
“Lemme alone!” I said tiredly, rolled over to my left and his hand was one my back.
“If you don’t wake up your gonna fall off this stage.” He said I knew I was going to when I rolled over that’s why he had his hand on my back.
“Okay!” said sitting up.
I immediately noticed that there was already an audience.
“The show is about to start come on.” Gerard said leading me to the side of the stage.
I noticed that he seemed a little messy and less alert from when I last talked to him. We watched Nights Fall perform they were good but the crowd wasn’t very energetic they look like they were warming up for something better. Gerard came up to me after talking to one of his friends who had an afro and tan skin.
“Hey, Andrea do you want a drink?” He said Pointing to his Bud Light Bottle.
I didn’t really drink a lot, when ever I did is when I went to parties but I havent gone to alot of parties lately cause i worked alot.
“Sure, Ill take one.” I said screaming in his ear because the loud music didn’t allow us to hear each other properly.
He walked back with two beers he took out of the Ice Box.
“Here you go.” He said opening it before he handed me my beer.
“Thanks.” I said taking a drink out of it.
Just then Nights Fall was coming off stage and North Star went up there performance was good they had some crowd surfing and some moshing here and there. In the back, I saw Gerard take shots of tequila. He walked back over to me handing me another beer.
“We’re fixing to go up next in ten minutes.” He said after he took a gulp from his beer sounding a big slurred but not to bad.
“Awesome, can’t wait!” I said anxious to hear them play.
“You bet you can’t!” He said and now it was obvious he was very drunk.
I turned back to see North Star perform but they were just announcing that My Chemical Romance was going to hit the stage. I saw Gerard and four other guys follow him on the stage as they all took there place. The crowd was getting rowdy and hyped up before they even started playing.
“How are you sexy mofo’s doing up in this hot ass venue!” Gerard said yelling into the microphone. The crowd screamed instead of answering his question verbally.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought! So we’re going to start off with a song you might all know. It is called ‘Headfirst For Halos’ and it’s about suicide.” Gerard said looking out into the crowd the guitar chorus started to play and right before the actual words of the song started he spited out.
“DON’T DO IT!” the crowd was going crazy everyone of there was singing along word for word.
“We’ll let’s go back to the middle of the day that starts it all. I can’t begin to let you know just what I’m feelin’. He then pointed his microphone out to the crowd.
“And now the red ones help me fly, And the blues one help me fall.” The crowd sang in unison and Gerard put the microphone back to his direction. “Well I think I’ll blow my brains against the ceilin’.” For the rest of the set the crowd never looked tired less but the closer the set ended the more it got hot and sweaty Gerard and a short tattooed guitarist spat water and threw water bottles out in to the crowd making attempts to cool off he crowd. But even in a tight hot sweaty space kids still crowd surfed, moshed, and sang to every word. The band was closing the show with a crowd favorite.
“Me and my band have to leave, but we’re not leaving you with nothing here is ‘Vampire’s Will Never Hurt You’. He started to sing and the crowd was excited the tattooed guitarist started to throw his body in every direction and Gerard started to sound exhausted.
“And if the sun comes up, will it tear the skin right off our bones. And then. As the razor sharp white teeth rip out our necks, I saw you there. Someone get me to the doctor, someone get me to the church.” The song made me want to jump out into the crowd and join them but I knew it was already too late to do that because they already sang the last chorus and the show ended. The band walked off stage, grabbed a couple of beers, and sat down at any available seat there was left. Gerard came and sat on the armrest on the couch I was sitting on.
“So did you like the show?” Gerard looked down at me and asked, the rest of his band member turned in our direction waiting for my answer.
“It was great, never heard anything like it.” I said giving a short but honest answer.
“Thanks. I don’t think I introduced you to my friends.” He said still sounding a bit slurred like earlier. “That’s Mikey, he is my baby bro.” he said pointing at the tall man who wore glasses that I saw earlier when I was setting up. “That’s Ray man, he is one of the best guitar players I know.” He said pointing to a tall Puerto Rican guy with an afro.
“Frankie is the guy with the tattoos, and matt is in the back doing something he's the guy that was playing the drums.” Everyone said ‘hi’ altogether.
“Everyone this is Andrea She works here at that venue.”
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