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"Damn Brendon" Brie said as she took off her clothes and head into the shower.
The minute the water hit her body she broke down crying. She didn't want to be apart of part from Brendon and Ryan. She knew everything was going change and soon it wouldn't her and Ryan.
She exited the shower got dressed and made her way down stairs to find Brendon in a heated agurement with thier parents. Brie was always very overprocetive of her brother even though he was 5 minutes older.
"Hes good let him have his chance" She said
"Brie this doesn't concern you" Thier dad said
"Actully it does" Brie said
"Hows that" Her dad said
"Brendons my twin brother and Ryans my boyfriend and well they have work really hard to get this and there leaving me" Brie said
Brie watched her dads face go from pissed to a light smile. They never liked that fact that Brie was with Ryan.
"Brie" Brendon said
"Yeah Bear" Brie said
"Your coming too" Brendon said
Brie smiled at her brother but she knew no matter how hard Brendon tried she was going to be stuck at home.
"Thats funny" Thier dad said
"Whats funny" Brendon said
"That you think we would let either of you go" He said
"I'll stay I'll marry who ever it is you want me too, but please don't take this away from Bren they are good I know they are going to be huge" Brie said
"You are doing that anyways Brie and Brendon get these dreams of being a rockstar out of your head you are going on mission than to college" Their father said
"No Brie and I are leaving to go record Panics first album" Brendon said
"If thats your decsion then you can move out" Thier dad said
"Fine we will" Brendon said
Brie looked at her parent and than looked at Brendon.
"If he goes I am going too" Brie said
"You are going to go up to your room young lady and forget that you ever had a brother" her dad said
Brie nodded and walked up to Brendons room and flopped down on the bed next to him.
"Your going with me" Brendon said
"I know" Brie said smiling at her brother
"You know I wouldn't let them break you and marry you off" Brendon said
"I know B" She said
"Will be fine" Brendon said
"We will be" Brie said taking her brother hand
The both of them sighed knowing they where taking a leap of faith that Panic would make it.

Brie and Brendon went and got into Brendons car. They drove sicently to Ryans house.
"I hope his dads not drunk" Brie said as they approached the house.
"Me niether it really takes a toll on Ryan" Brendon said
As they knocked on the door they heard a loud crash, Brie instantly grabbed the nob turning it. It was locked. She started to panic ringing the doorbell. Soon a disheveled Ryan appeared at the door. Brie jumped into his arms.
"Are you okay" She cried
"Yeah I got fustrated with a song I was trying to write and throw some stuff on floor" Ryan said still holding Brie close.
"Okay" She said kissing Ryan
"Don't ever doubt my sister doesn't love you she about had a panic attack" Brendon said putting his hand on Ryan shoulder.
"I never have" Ryan said pulling Brie close to him.
"So I am being kicked out" Brendon said
"Seriously" Ryan said
"Yeah" Brendon said
"I am leaving too" Brie said
Ryan smiled
"So where are you going to live until we leave to record" Ryan said
"Will have to get an apartment" Brie said
"You know you could always just stay here" Ryan said
"Would your dad mind" Brendon said
"He loves Brie and well you are just part of the package" Ryan said
Even when Ryans dad would come home completely smashed he was alway super sweet to Brie.
"Did you tell him yet" Brie asked
"No but I know hes going to freak he really wants me to finish college" Ryan said
"I'll be here when you tell him" Brie said knowing Ryans dad wouldn't lay a hand on him if he was there.
"Thanks Babe" Ryan said kissing her.
"Dude I need to get a girlfriend" Brendon said
Brie and Ryan started laughing
"Your not gay Bren" Brie said causing Ryan to laugh and Brendon to throw a pillow.
"I wonder about you guys sometimes" Brie said looking at both of them.
"Baby you know I am not gay" Ryan said
"To much info Ryan I really don't want to know you are having sex with my little sister, wait your having sex with my sister" Brendon said shocked
"Not that its any of your business and I am only your little sister by 5 minutes" Brie said
Brendon just shook his head.
Ryans dad came walking in you could tell her was actully sober for once.
"Hi George" Brie said
"Hi Brie Brendon" He said
"Hey Dad Brie and Brendon might need to stay for a couple of months" Ryan said
"Why" He asked
"We got signed today dad we go record in a couple of months" Ryan said Brie instantly climbed on Ryans laps to protect him.
"What about college" He said
"They have a chance let them see if it pounds out and if it doesn't I will make sure Ryan gets his back into college" Brie said smiling
George looked at Brie he always thought she was the best thing to happen Ryan she made him a better person.
"Will you be with them" He asked
"Of course" Brie said
"I don't know" he said
"One semester" Brie said
Ryans gripped tighten around Bries waist.
"Alright and you guys can stay here" he said
Brie wiggled out of Ryans grip and hugged his dad and kissed him on the cheek.
"Thank you" She said
"Ryan you better marry that girl if you know whats good for you" George said as he walked into bedroom.
"He thinks you should marry me" Brie said bitting her lip
"I due time" Ryan said
"I love you" Brie said
"I love you too and thanks" Ryan said
Brie leaned down and kissed Ryan.
"So we are going to stay here" Brendon said
"Yeah it will be fine" Brie said
"You do know all hell is going to break loose when you try to leave" Brendon said
"Sort like when mom and dad found out I was dating Ryan" Brie said
"Yeah sort of like that" Brendon said
"They freaked" Ryan said laughing
"Brie you are going to marry some nice mormon boy and stay home and take care of your children" Brie said mimicing her mom.
Ryan and Brendon started laughing
"Too bad I fell head over heals in love with you" Brie said kissing Ryan
"Brie we should get home" Brendon said walking out the door. He looked back and saw his sister and Ryan making out on the couch.
"I'll bring her home later" Ryan said
"Not too late" Brendon said
"Yes dad" She said
Brendon left and Brie and Ryan went up to his room to finish what they had started on the couch.
Brendon walked into his house and his parent where sitting in the living room with another family he reconized from their church.
"Brendon" his mom said
"Yeah" he said
"Wheres Brie" She asked
"With Ryan" Brendon said
"Well you go get her" She said
"Why" Brendon said
"Because she needed at home now" his mom said walking back into the living room.
Brendon got in his car and drove over to Ryans to get Brie and to warn her.
"Promise no matter how big you guys get it will always be us" Brie said as she laid naked and slightly out of breathe next to Ryan.
"No matter what it will always be us" he said trying to slow down his rapid breathe.
"I love you so much Ry" Brie said
"Me too and Brie you know when I am ready we will get married" Ryan said
Brie looked at Ryan.
"Baby I am no hurry its just a piece of paper as long as I have your heart I am happy" Brie said
"You have that" Ryan said kissing the top of her head
Brie smiled
"Brie" Brendon yelled into the door.
"Give us a sec" Brie yelled back scrambling to get her clothes on.
Once they where dressed Brie opened the door to see a panic stricken Brendon.
"We have a problem" He said
Ryan instantly put his arms around Brie in fear he was going to lose her.
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