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Brie's face went from a smile to frown a matter of a second.
"Whats wrong" Ryan said still having a death grip around Brie.
"They have some family there" Brendon said
Tears started to leak out of Bries eyes her worst nightmare was coming true.
"They can't have her" Ryan said
"They won't" Brie said looking at Ryan as the tears poured out.
"Come on lets go home" Brendon said
Brie held on to Ryan and kissed him as she was kissing him she tried to remember everything about that kiss as Ryan did the same.
"I love you" She cried
"I love you too" Ryan said still holding her hand as slipped away into night air and Brendons car.
Brie instantly broke down as Brendon started the car, he put his hand on his sister back.
"If I have to do it so you guys can follow your dreams than I will" Brie said
"Over my dead body" Brendon said
Brendon let his sister cry. The two walked into the house hand in hand. Brendon had a death grip on it.
"Your here" her mother said as they walked through the door.
"I am" Brie squeaked out
"Go clean up and met us in living room" Her mother said
Brie nodded as few more tears escaped her eyes.
Brendon followed his sister up to her and room.
"Go" He said
"Go where Bren" Brie said fixing her make up
"Anywhere Brie" Brendon said
"I'll be fine" Brie said taking a deep breathe and looking at picture of her Ryan.
"Brie I am serious go" Brendon said
"I'll be fine Bear just make sure Ryan knows that I will always love him" Brie said crying again.
"I am not letting you do this" Brendon said
The two walked back downstairs.
"Brie this is Nick and his parents" Her mother said
"Hello" Brie said study the boy he wasn't bad looking but he had a suit and tie he smiled at her.
"So Brie we have decided that you and Nick should be married in the next couple months" Her dad said
Brie gulped
"Over my dead body" Brendon said
"You have no input you are no longer a part of this family" Her dad snapped at Brendon.
"I have no input she a part of me and there is no way in hell I am going to let you do this her" Brendon yelled
"You know what Brendon you have no say now get out of here" their dad yelled
Brie let go of Brendons hand and walked into the living room and sat down tears where sitting on her eyes. Brendon watched her. He walked upstairs to call Ryan.
"So Brie your parents tell me you just gradutated from high school" Nick said
"Yeah" Brie said in a very low tone
"What are your plans" Nick said
"I was going to go with my brother and his friends to record there album" Brie squeaked out
"Well will leave you too get to know each other" Her mother said smiling
"So your okay with this" Brie said
"Yeah" Nick said noticing even when she sad shes still beautiful.
"Well I am not" Brie said
"I know all about your boyfriend and well I think he sounds like a complete loser" Nick said
"He the best thing that has every happen to me" Brie said
"I think in time will forget about him and learn to love me" He said
"Sure" Brie said
Ryan can busting through the door. Brie looked up and ran to him.
"She coming with me" Ryan said
"Ryan I think you are confused we let Brie date you because we thought she get it out of her system, she is marrying Nick and there is nothing you can do to stop it" Her father said
"I could marry her right now" Ryan said
"Will have anolled this is what is best for her" He said pulling Brie out of Ryans arms.
"Ryan" Brie cried
Brendon stood there it killed him to watch his bestfriend and his sister heart break.
"Brendon take Ryan and leave" his mom said
"Not unless Brie comes with us" Brendon said
"Do it or we will have you both arrested" thier dad said
Brie struggled to get out of her father grips but he was to strong.
"I hate you" She screamed
Brie was forced to sit on the couch and listen to Nick talk. All she wanted was Ryan.
"Well I will see you tomorrow" Nick said
"Yeah" Brie said tears pouring down her face.
Nick leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Brie first reaction was to slap him but instead she stepped back and glared at him.
"So we will be here tomorrow to get Brie and take her Utah with us" Nicks mother said
They said their goodbyes and Brie ran to her room and throw herself on the bed.
Her mother walked in.
"You know you can't go chase silly dreams with a boy who is never going to make anything of himself" She said
"You'll eat your words" Brie said
"Where only doing what is best for you so pack you leavve bright and earlier in the morning and Brie if you try to run away we will find you" Her mom said
Brie graabbed the picture of her Ryan and held it close to her.
"Brie" a voice said at her window she opened and there was Ryan.
"Lets go" Ryan said
"Where" Brie said
"I don't know but Bren and I will figure something out" Ryan said
Brie smiled and kissed Ryan. She followed him out the window and down to Brendons car, she didn't get far before her dad grabbed her.
"Go now" he yelled at Brendon and Ryan
"I love Ryan" She screamed
"Yoo bad" her dad said dragging her into the house.
"Ryan" Brie screamed as her dad slammed the door.
Brie's mom sat in Bries bedroom watching her as she cried herself to sleep once she was asleep she started packing Brie's clothes. It hurt her to see how much pain her daughter was in but she knew this was best for her.

Brendon, Jon and Spencer where trying to calm Ryan down he had complete gone off the deep end.
"Bren we can't let them do this her she going to end up dead" Ryan cried
"I know" Brendon said tears pouring down his own face.
"Look guys I know this sucks but we all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later" Jon said
"She won't go through with it you know she'll find a way back to you too" Spencer said
"Hes right Ry" Brendon said
Ryan calmed down alittle he didn't believe it but it made it feel a little better knowing that they where right.
The next morning Brie and her suitcases where packed in Nicks car to go to Utah.
"Nick" Brie said as tears flooded her face
"Yeah" he said
"Can I say bye atleast" Brie said
"I don't think thats a good idea" Nick said
"Please" Brie begged
"No" Nick said
"You know this never going to happen" She said coldly
"It will and you will forget all about him" He said
Brie screamed
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