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~Part 1~ I do it for the Love

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A little diffrent from the original. A Billy fic.

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Everything was perfect. Everything. I waited till after the show, and I made sure everyone knew to leave without us. I kissed her lightly, held her hand and walked out to the car. She didn't suspect a thing. I drove to the beach, we sat next to the water, it got cold, and I held her. I kissed her and she kissed back, tongues colliding to make things deeper, and if possible, better then before. Her fingers played with the button on my jeans, but for once in the few years we had been dating I pulled back. "I wanna ask you something first." I smiled, stupid me,stupid smile,Billy you dumb ass. "And what’s that?" She was such a tease, her eyes baring through me seductively the entire time. I pulled the small velvet box from my pocket, with all the fondling she was doing down there I would have thought she would have found it. I opened it, and showed her the small engagement ring it held. You would think I had broken up with her. She sat up and looked at me with a face that made me want to curl up and die. "You thought...oh shit.." She shook her head. Yeah I thought, thought you loved me, thought you wanted to be with me, thought you would say yes, thought you would throw your arms around me, thought you would marry me.I thought wrong,you didn't do any of those things. Lily, all you did was tell me those words that broke my heart, and nearly stop me from ever loving again. "Billy, I'm sorry, I didn't expect you to fall in love with...damn it, Billy I was only with you for-" She didn't show any remorse for what she did,stealing my heart like she did. She just looked as if I was an idiot,her toy,in a way I was. "-The sex" I finished for her. She didn't nod, just looked away, and smirked a bit, something I once thought was sexy.When I stood and walked away she didn't come after me,she just sat there. I wasn't worried about her ride home. God I loved her so much, but she didn't deserve to know that. Not now. Not after what she did to me.

For weeks I obsessed over her. About how much I needed her back, but couldn't have her. Benji tried to talk me into going on a date with one of his chick friends, but I was never much for a blind date. Hated them actually. I just wanted Lily. Her perfect eyes, the way her hair flowed around her accenting her face. Perfection, anyway you looked at her. Then it happened. A complete month after the scene at the beach, I didn't have a choice anymore. I would have to move on, or be alone for the rest of my life,because that night I got a call from Lily's brother. Apparently she had gotten in a car crash. Killed instantly on impact. I went to the funeral, I cried the tears I had left for her. I left the ring I had asked her to take, lying next to her in the casket. I noted how beautiful she looked, even in death. Make-up artists can do wonders. Then I let go. I let go of her, my aching heart, and the chance of ever falling in love again. She cut me so deep I don't think I could ever repair my bleeding heart.

No one outside of the band noticed my changes. The depression, the constant tiredness, the lack of eating. Some how I got darker, and no matter how hard they tried no one could change it. I still did the shows, put on a smile for the kids. But inside I was dying, crumbling, wasting away to nothingness. I had loved Lily, and that’s what kept me going, that imaginary love that I thought was there.Now that it was gone, all that was left was a hallow corpse, that was I. William Martin.

I still have family, friends, and Fans. But it will never be the same. Then you show up. Benji knows how bad I want you and he won't let it go. Oh how I long to kiss you ,hold you, be with you. But I can't. What if you turn out to be like her? What if I get wrapped up in you so bad that I don't realize that its all just a game? But what if your different. Your nothing like Lily was on the outside. Lily’s blond curls look gray in comparison to your stick straight Blackish blue hair. Your eyes are the deepest blue, dark but light all at the same time. Hers were just plain blue, like plain glass. She wore pink strawberry gloss and eyeshadow. You with the blackest lipstick I've ever seen and your eyeliner looking as if you've been taking tips from Benji. Your skin doesn’t have any flaws, its pale like china, but beautiful all the same. Lily dressed like everyday was the happiest day ever, always pastels and pink. But your much different. You wear black mostly but there’s some other colors there, no pastels but there’s color. I want you so bad my whole body aches. And I gave in. Here we go again, another relationship built on nothing more then lust.
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