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Part 12

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Part 12. Sorry I took so long. I'm not quite sure why I didnt update but yeah... you have one now.

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Part 12
Frank’s POV- ‘Is that seat taken? Congratulations…’

[Insert time machine here] Back to Gerard and Amy talking in the dining room

I knock on the door wondering why I even came. I was late so no doubt they’d make me do confessions by myself. Not that I had much to confess. When I walked out I’d considered going to Dean’s after prom party but then I just went home and played guitar. After all my sh*tty behaviour is probably to blame for the fact that she was making out with one of my best mates and not me.
Mikey answers the door, “Hey. You missed confessions.” He smiles. I smile back, smirking inside at how predictable it was. “I’m just going to get my stuff out of your cupboard if that’s cool?” I ask Bob when I get into the Living Room. I’d left my bag and coat here last night in the cupboard under the stairs. Hopefully if I go and get it now and leave it by the door I won’t forget them again.
“Sure thing.” He replies.
I exit the room and walk down towards the kitchen/ diner where Gerard and Amy are talking. I try to blot out their voices but it’s hard as I really wanted to know what they both had to say about last night. Amy lowers her voice which of course just makes me strain my ears harder.
“…last night kinda made me realise where my emotions lie… and how strong those feelings are. And now that I’ve found those feelings I can’t just cover them back up again…” She stops and I try not to break anything as I frantically search for my bag and coat so I can get as far from their conversation as possible. I find my stuff and retreat back up the hall.
“You Ok?” Mikey asks me as I try to get my heart to slow down.
“Yeah I guess.” I lie. So last night had opened Amy’s eyes to where her true emotions lied did it? Well that was just f*cking amazing. I hate Gerard so much right now. He had to get in there, steal her from me. He had to make her fall for him. I really thought I could make things work out between us.
“You missed a great confessions.” Mikey informs me from where he’s sat next to me on a chair with Charli on his lap.
“Oh right?” I ask, vaguely interesting although my thoughts are mainly focussed on Amy and Gerard and her ‘awakened feelings’.
“Yeah. You’ll never guess who got together?”
“Bob and Tara.” I reply whilst wondering what Gerard had said in reply to her confession of love.
“Well yeah… but Gerard and Amy!”
“Oh right…. Yeah I heard…”
“Mikey you insensitive tw*t!” Charli scolds him. I smile inside at her support but the smile doesn’t quite make it to my lips.
“What?” He honestly does look oblivious.
“He’s just a little bit in love with Amy!”
“Oh… sorry mate.” He apologises.
“It’s alright.” I admit because it wasn’t his fault.
“Gerard does too though by the looks of it. He’d only had 3 beers during the whole of the night and one of those was right before he left with me and Charli. So you know… he would have been hardly drunk at all when he was with her.”
“Cool.” I say even though it really isn’t. So if Gerard likes her and she likes him they’ll probably get together and then I’ll have to pretend that I’m happy for them and watch them be happy together. The kick in the teeth is that I would put money on the fact that Gerard only started liking her after the bet.
They’re coming into the room now. Gerard’s in the lead but he sits himself down on the floor, allowing Amy to sit on the sofa between Ray and Bob. Amy looks like she’s thinking and a little bit worried. Gerard looks happy enough. I suppose he would be happy though, and Amy is probably worried about what people will think of her and Gerard getting together. Maybe she’s just a little bit worried about me.
This is almost worse than last night when I realised who the kissing people in the hall were. Did they screw? I really really hope not.
I need a drink.
I need Amy, or someone who’ll pass as her.

Gerard’s POV- ‘The collision of your kiss that made it so hard.’
I sit on the floor and try to look like everything is fine. I smile in all the right places, laugh at all the right lines and answer all the questions fired at me, but inside I am falling apart. So last night meant nothing to her? Nothing.
Well I’m glad I made her realise where happiness lies for her. She deserves to be happy. I’m glad I gave her a hand in getting her head around this situation and helped her to find out who she loves and cares for. I’m just pssed off that that person isn’t me. I’m pssed of that I want it to be me. But that part isn’t her fault.
She’s 16. God she’s my nest mate’s sister. What on earth is going on? I should not be thinking about her like this. I thought I’d managed to stop this. I thought I’d rid myself of any ounce of desire over her. Apparently not. All she had to do is look at me and I melt all over again. And now she knows it.
I didn’t do a very good job at covering up back there. Maybe if I fake it really well now she’ll be forced to forget my bad attempts at cheerfulness earlier. Who am I kidding? She knows and she’s still going to go ahead with chasing Frank.
Oh God the feel of her lips on mine had been bliss. How can I go back to having none of her after all that I had last night?
Get a different girlfriend?
I suppose that could work. It would be b*tchy but it could work. Ok so on my To Do list- 1. Get a job, 2. Ask out the receptionist from the last offices. She loved me. Maybe that’s a bit strong but she did let me sneak Frank into my office for a year and a half. She must like me a little.
I’m such a d*ck.
Everyone’s in silence now. Amy has her hear rested on Bob’s shoulder and seems to be drifting to sleep. Bob has his arm protectively around her. Ray is humming to himself. Frank is sat on a chair looking utterly miserable… if only he knew… and Charli looks like she’s about to fall asleep on Mikey’s lap. He’s playing with her hair looking bored but content. I’m sat on the floor getting a numb ar*e wondering what the hell I could do or say to take my mind off Amy.
“So Frank. Your confession?” I say finally after nearly being suffocated by the never ending silence. We don’t even have the sound on the TV on for some reason. Frank looks horrified to be addressed directly by me and doesn’t return my half-fake smile. I remind myself that he saw me with Amy last night and that he doesn’t know she picked him.
“Go on Frank.” Charli mutters sleepily.
“Ok… I don’t see why I have to though. I had one beer and did no drugs. Kind of wish I had now for the good it did me but hey.” He blushes slightly and returns to how he had been before I had spoken, glaring holes in the floor.
“You left out the partnering up bi.” Amy points out. For some reason she seems to be holding back tears.
“Oh just my hand… you know the sight of you making out with my best friend turned me on that much.” He replies directly to her. “I’m going to Dean’s.”
He gets up and walks straight out the house.
Amy buries her head in Bob’s shoulder and someone un-mutes the TV so we can pretend not to hear her crying quietly. The 6 of us spend the afternoon in near silence. I wonder why Frank had to be such a nob sometimes. I know that Amy would be happy with him and for that reason I want them to work out. As well as the fact that the old Frank may resurface if he gets her back. I stare blankly at the TV and wait for my anger to settles. At least I had her for a moment.
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