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Brie walked out of the hospital holding Patrick's hand. She knew it wouldn't be them anymore but she wasn't going to be the first one to say it. Patrick took Brie over to empty pinci bench and sat down she sat down next to him.
"You know I really like you" Patrick said
"I really like you too" Brie said
Patrick smiled a little then his face fell.
"Brie we aren't going to be able to do this anymore I don't know the next time we will get to see each other but you will always have a special place in my heart" Patrick said
"I know" Brie said wiping her eyes and kissing Patrick lightly on the lips.
Brie and Patrick walked to the others Brendon was pacing around nervously.
Brendon grabbed Brie from Patrick and started walking away with her in tow.
"Bren" Brie said
"I can't do it I can't let you leave and not know when I am going to see you again" Brendon said
"It will be fine Bren I know I will see you sooner than we both think just take care of Ry for me" Brie said
Brendon to pulled his sister into a hug and the two walked back to everyone else.
"Brie get your stuff together we have to leave soon" Gabe said smiling at her. Brie walked onto Fall Out Boys bus and gather her stuff together
"Take care of her" Brendon said
"I will" Gabe said
"Did she leave" Ryan came sprinting over out breathe
"No shes on the bus" Gabe said
Ryan ran onto the bus. Brie turned and saw him.
"I am sorry" Ryan panted
"Ry" Brie said her eyes getting glossy
"I am so sorry Brie I just was being stupid I want you back" Ryan said
Tears came out of Bries eyes Ryan walked up and wiped the tears away.
"Ry I have to go you hurt so bad I am not sure if I even love you anymore" Brie said lying to him.
"You don't love me anymore" Ryan said his heart sinking in his chest.
"I don't" Brie stuttered out.
Ryan knew she was lying but he wasn't going to push it. He wiped his eyes and walked out off the bus, Brie followed behind him
"I am ready" Brie said
Brie hugged all the boys except Ryan goodbye. Gabe put his arm around Brie shoulder and the two got into the cab.
"Ready" Gabe said smiling at her
"As ready as I will ever be" Brie said

Brie watched the boys out the back window as they drove away into night, and off onto her new life Ryan and Brendon free. Her heartached for Ryan but she knew it was for the best to leave him behind.

The two arrived in New York. And took a cab to Gabes place. Brie walked in and looked around it was simple and looked like a bachlor pad.
"Home sweet Home" Gabe said
Brie smiled
"Its one room so I will take the couch and you can have the bed" Gabe said
"Its alright I will sleep on the couch, I don't want to put out" Brie said
"Your not putting me out" Gabe said smiling
Gabe grabbed Bries hand and drug her into the bed. She noticed it was a huge king size bed.
"I am small why don't we just share the bed" Brie suggested
"Okay" Gabe said smiling
There was something about her that attracted him to her it wasn't her stricking beauty it was some else but he knew he wanted to get to know her better and maybe fall in love with her. What Gabe didn't know Brie had decided to take a key and lock up her heart. She was determind never to let anyone hurt her as bad as Ryan had.
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