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Brie has now been with Cobra Starship for the last 6 months at first she walked around down and depressed she was unhappy and wouldn't let anyone close to her. It took Gabe 4 months to get her to come out of what ever shell she had tucked herself into.
"Brie" Gabe called from the kitchen
"Yeah Gabe" Brie yelled
"Your going to kill me" Gabe yelled
"What did you break now" Brie said stutting into the kitchen and wrapping her arms around Gabe. He kissed the top of her head.
"I didn't break anything" Gabe said
"Then why am I going to kill you" Brie said stepping back.
"Wearegoingontourwithpanic" Gabe said really fast.
Brie face suddenly went pale
"Tour with Panic" Brie said quietly
"Yeah" Gabe said not sure how she would react.
"Okay" She said walking to the living and plopping down on the couch.
Gabe knew Brie hadn't talk to Brendon or any of the guys since the day she left with him. He was also worried that he lose her again. They where starting to get close and almost had something that resembled a relationship.
"You okay" Gabe said sitting next to her
"I have to be" She said
"You know its only for 2 weeks if you want to stay home you can" Gabe said
"You don't want me around" Brie said pouting
"I do and you know that but Brie its taken me 4 months to get you to come out of your shell and we still have quite figured out what is happening between us" Gabe said
"I like you" Brie said frankly
"I like you too" Gabe said
He took a chance and kissed her lips. Brie wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Once they broke apart
"Does that clarity it for you" Brie said
"Yeah" Gabe said with a stupid grin on face
Brie just laughed and rolled her eyes.

The whole fight to meet up with Panic, Brie was a nervous wreck, everyone could see it on her face.
"Babe calm down" Gabe said
"Yeah Brie your making me nervous" Vicky T said
"Sorry" Brie said
Gabe wrapped his arm around her she smiled up at him.
"I am here and I won't let anything happen to you" Gabe whispered into her ear.

They drove up to the venue and Brie stepped out the car she looked around. Gabe took his arms and wrapped them around her waist as they entered the venue.
Brie watched as 1 familar face emgered. He stared at her. She stared at him. Brendon didn't know how to react seeing his sister he wasn't sure if he should hug her or not say anything.
"Brie" Brendon said looking at the ground
"Brenny Bear" Brie said hugging her brother he inbraced her and held on her to him tightly.
"I missed you" Brie said stepping back
"I've missed you so much and so has Ryan" Brendon said
"Bren please don't" Brie said
"Talk to him please" Brendon said
"I'll think about it" Brie said following Gabe into the venue.
"You okay" Gabe said
"Of course" Brie said
That was until she came face to face with Ryan right than she wanted to crawl back under a rock.
"Brie" Ryan said
"Talk to him" Gabe whispered in her ear and walked away.
"Ryan" She said quietly looking at the ground
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