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To whom do I owe?


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Chapter Five – To whom do I owe?

"What’s up with you man?" Asked my favorite red haired singer.
"Not much Trick," I told him staring blankly at the wall. "I only kissed Kevin Jonas today."
"Is that all?" He laughed sarcastically.
"Shut up!" I whined knocking his off of his head.
"You are so mature Wentz, so mature!" Patrick laughed. He stood up from the couch and stepped in front of me. "Why are you moping?"
"I'm not moping!" I objected looking up at him.
"You are too! Now tell Dr. Patrick what's wrong."
"Tricky! I don't want to talk about it right now!" I whined throwing my arms up for dramatic effect.
"God Pete, you are such a drama queen."
"Shut up!"
"Would you like to talk to Liri?" He asked. I instantly perked up.
"Liri?" I asked sitting up straight. "My buddy Liri?"
"Do you know anybody else by the name of Liri?" He asked rolling his eyes.
"NO! Is Liri coming or something?" I asked hopefully. Patrick smiled and nodded. "WHEN? WHERE?!"
"Our next stop." Patrick laughed.
"NO WAY!" I yelled jumping up and hugging him. I hugged him and quickly pecked his cheek. Then I ran off to the back of the bus where the rest of the guys were. "DUDES!" I yelled. They ignored me and kept playing the videogame they were playing. "I said: DUDES!"
"This better be important." Andy said dryly, pausing the game.
"It is!" I screeched.
"Is Liri coming?" Joe asked suddenly looking happy.
"When?" Andy asked forgetting momentarily about their game.
"The next stop!" I told them dancing.
"When are we getting there?" Joe asked looking at his Star Wars watch.
"Not soon enough!" I crashed down on the small couch between the two. They went back to their game with renewed energy. "Did I tell you I kissed Kevin Jonas today?"
"That guy you've been obsessive over for the past three months?" Joe asked never taking his eyes off the screen.
"Yeah," I said quietly picking at a callous on my finger. "Then he laughed and walked away."
"Weird." Andy commented before killing Joe's character. Joe cursed under his breath as another round of Soul Caliber started.
"Yeah," I sighed.
"Maybe you'll see him at the next stop." Joe sounded reassuring.
"Then you can introduce him to Liri." Andy added. The smile appeared back on my face as I thought about what wonders this tour could bring.
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