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I've been waiting for a miracle


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Chapter six – I've been waiting for a miracle

I jumped down off the steps of the bus, and moved out of the way quickly so Joe wouldn't send me flying when he pelted down the steps at full speed. Which, of course, he did, tripping and falling flat on his face.

"He's adopted I swear," Nick said, hopping down next to me. I shrugged, not really in the mood to talk. I was even less in the mood when She stepped off the bus, her cell phone glued to her ear.

"Kevin!" Called a voice from somewhere to the right. I couldn't help but smile when I recognized her voice.

"Cael!" I yelled as she ran up into me. I hugged her tightly for a moment before we pulled apart.

"Caelyn." She said stepping between us.

"B*tch queen." Cael smirked. I backed off a bit, not wanting to get in the middle of anything. Suddenly I was almost knocked to the ground. I gasped and caught my balance. "Kev, why did Pete Wentz just try to tackle you?"

"I'm not sure." I answered looking at the man on the ground. I extended a helping hand, he grabbed it and was soon on his feet. Another girl soon joined us. She was giggling uncontrollably. "Hello." I said awkwardly.

"Hi! This is Liri!" Pete chirped pointing to the giggling girl. She waved smiling.

"Uh," I said looking over at Cael. "This is Cael." I heard the sound of someone clearing there throat. I turned around and saw Her there. She gave me a nasty look before I turned back around. "That's my girlfriend." She plowed her way through me and Cael extending her hand to Pete.

"Charmed." She smiled. Pete looked a little freaked out. He shook her hand halfheartedly and glanced quickly at Liri.

"Nice to meet you," He said quietly. "Come on Liri, we should go." They started to walk off.

"That was weird." Cael commented watching them leave.

"Pete! Wait!" I called running after him.

"What do you want?" He snapped turning around. Ooh, harsh.

"What's wrong dude?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Liri was standing a few feet away looking questioningly at us. He sighed staring into my eyes. Suddenly his hands were on the sides of my face and lips were on mine. I found myself giving into him. I closed my eyes and let him work his tongue into my mouth. I tangled my hands in his hair. This perfect moment was ruined by Her.

"Paul Kevin Jonas what the CENSORED are you doing?" She screeched. Pete tried to pull away when he heard her but I pulled his head closer to mine kissing him even more deeply. It wasn’t as perfect as before, if not now messy. But it was the best I had felt in a long time. "You are a CENSORED I'm leaving!" Finally.
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