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Corjn and The Demon

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Corjn tells Nuo about her ordeal...

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Nuo took a sip of her tea, made a face and sat it back on the table.
"It needs more sugar." Nuo said as she got up and turned to walk to the back of the room. Halfway there she turned back around and stared at Corjn. She looked sad, like she had something on her mind. "So what happened to you? Why didn't you tell me what was going on? I was worried."

Corjn looked at the man beside her and then at Nuo. "I had to hide for a while. I had to make them think I was dead. It was too risky to tell you because if you knew then they would've came after you too."

"Who?" Nuo said.

"The people I thought I could trust besides you and The Demon." Corjn said as she rested her head on The Demon's chest.

The Demon barely said a word and if he did, it was in a deep dark tone. He wore a kabuki mask that looked like the devil and he never took it off, not even for Corjn. She didn't seem to mind either and for some reasone she trusted him more that anyone else. He didn't seem to show any inch of his body either because it was covered with his long black clothing. They met when they had to take out a hit on the same man. His name was James Spector, he was a dangerous ganglord and The Demon's former boss. Ever since Corjn saved The Demon, he has been very loyal to her. He also has been taking care of her for the last couple of months and keeping her safe. The Demon is to Corjn as Corjn is to Nuo, and that is a shoulder to lean on.

Corjn never really had a shoulder to lean on. She was abandoned by her mother and sent away to train with the Moon Monks in the mountain, which is where she met Nuo and saw her mother again, but they didn't speak words to each other, they just exchanged looks. Her mother was married to her sifu whom she had to train under for five years. Until an inccedent occured and she was forced to leave.

After that she met and married Shug at the age of fifteen and joined his sister's husband's gang The Venus Royales. His sister's name was Ameera and her husband's name was Juntao and that was all. Throughout the whole marriage ,which lasted only six months, Corjn never knew her last name because Shug's family didn't have one.

After she realized that being married to Shug wasn't helping her find herself and she established herself as the most deadly assasin in Venus city and left him for another.

Shug was not happy about this and this was his reason to get involved in the assasination plot with the other two men, but if they didn't kill Corjn, then who did they kill?
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