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Nuo get a surprise visit from an old friend.

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Nuo frowned as she counted her earnings for today. Buisness was a little slow lately and with the way the economy was going, she figured that people didn't have the money to spend at her teahouse. She also saw a rise in crime where she was located. Ever since Corjn was killed, all the crimelords came out of hiding. She had to send the girls home early today because of that.
Nuo went up to her room and started to take her make-up off. First she started with the white paste that made her look like a ghost, then she took off the red mascara that matched with her kimono and lastly she took off her red lipstick. It revealed a sad, worn out face. It looked that way from her tears and the stress that comes from living in the big city. Venus City is the capital of Venus and you have to be one tough cookie to live here. Nuo on the other hand had no choice. She needed somewhere where she could lay low and Venus is the place to do it.
Now that Corjn is dead she has no one to confide in. It would be around this time that Corjn would march in from flirting, mingleing, and gathering information at those lavish parties uptown in one of her exspensive gowns given to her by one of her many rich boyfriends. Nuo wouldn't exactly call them her boyfriends since they would probably die by her hands anyway. Her jet black hair would come down over her perfect, made up face. She would barge into Nuo's office and sit across from her and tell her about all of adventures and some new hits she planned to execute that night. They would laugh anc talk for a while and Corjn would leave, but not before handing her a wad of cash just to get through the hard times.
Nuo got up and went back to her office. When she got there she saw two dark figures standing at the door of her office.

"There's no money here so leave." Nuo said while pulling a blade from her sleve.

"Of course it isn't." The lady said. She pulled back her hood and stepped closer to the defensive Nuo.

"Corjn?" Nuo said, dropping her blade.
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