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Chapter 32 - Heroine

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I'M NOT DEAD! Amazing, eh?

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Frank’s P.O.V:

“GERARD!!!” I screamed running over to the door, a million emotions coursing through me all at once. The image of Jane disappeared just as he opened the door. Then he started to fall into a darkness until I couldn’t see him anyone.

“WE HAVE TO GO GET HIM! WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM!” I shouted to Natalie. She looked defeated, as if…

“ No… no… there HAS to be a way to bring him back, TELL ME!” I yelled shaking her shoulders.

“ I’m sorry Frank, I don’t know where we even are, I don’t know if he’s alive or not, just hope for the best. That… that’s the best we can do. That’s the best I can do,” she stated with no emotion whatsoever in her voice. I sunk to the ground and started to sob with Natalie trying to comfort me. After I couple minutes of crying uncontrollably I tried to grab what was left of it and hope for the best, that he was alright. There wasn’t that much left to hold onto but I kept the conviction in my mind that he was safe.

“What do we do now?” I whispered as I wiped the some of the tears from my face.

Jane’s P.O.V:


“My beautiful little girl,” she said with wistful eyes, spreading her arms out offering a hug. I choked on my words as I started to cry, letting my mother embrace me. I felt helpless, chained there. Not even able to hug my own mother.

“It’s alright. You’ll get through this,” she whispered reassuringly.

“I don’t know how to do this,” I sobbed as I felt more pain being inflicted as I struggled to control my breathing. “I just want to go back to when we were all together and happy. To when you and dad were alive. I want to go back to before I started the band with Derek, Adam and Jake. Before I met Anthony.”

“Honey, you know that’s not entirely true.” She stepped away to look me in the eyes.

“I’ve been watching you. You love your band mates and your fans. If you weren’t in the band then we both know that somehow, you’d die. Whether it was from your depression or your loneliness.

“ You’ve saved lives. You’ve helped others. You’ve even met your soul mate. No matter how much you doubt it, he is.”

“Even if I were to make it out here alive, Gerard and I would never be,” I whispered after thinking for a moment. She sighed.

“Jane. Never doubt anything. Follow wherever your heart may lead you. Only then will you and everyone else be set free.” She walked over to a corner before returning with some accessories and a wedding dress. My wedding dress. Somehow I was released from the chains and fell to the floor in pain. She walked over quickly to help me into a chair, then fetched me a large glass of blood.

“ I feel the worst I’ve ever had, holding this,” she said, looking sadly at the dress. “I should be looking at it filled with happiness and joy. But when I think of whom you’re marrying, I feel like there’s nothing left in the world to look forward to. You’re not supposed to be in this position. Someone else should be. I can’t stand the fact that I’m going to lose my baby forever to that foul being.”

“ Mom. I rather it me than anyone else. I can’t stand the thought of anyone else suffering like this.” She smiled sadly at me as tears rimmed her face.

“ That’s what your father raised you to be. A strong, brave heroine. You will never be defeated. No matter what happens, you’ll never be defeated. Remember that.” I looked down at the empty cup I just drank from, not knowing what to say. She shuffled around, fetching a basin of water and some cloths.

“As much as I loathe to do this, I must get you ready.” While she was getting me cleaned up and ready, all I could think was of what she said.

A strong, brave heroine. You will never be defeated. No matter what happens, you’ll never be defeated.

If only that were true.

*A/N: Holy shit SHE’S NOT DEAD! =O No… I’m not. I was just taking a break there. I had to deal with school and some other things but I’ll try to post bi weekly or weekly. Thanks for anyone who still reads this! Reviewing is love. --xox♥
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