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My eyelids felt heavy over my eyes as I tried to open them.
What time is it?
I looked up to see a sleeping Mikey, with his glasses wonky and pushed up so much that they dug into his head. His leg was wrapped around mine and his hand rested on my hip.
I could have laid there like that forever to be honest.
I probably would have laid there longer if it wasn’t for Gerard, falling out of bed and making me get up to make sure he wasn’t bleeding to death.
At that particular moment though, I couldn’t really care less. I only went up there to find him sprawled pathetically across his bedroom floor, for his son and his brother’s sake.
I was in a particularly evil mood that morning.
After last night, I couldn’t give a damn about Gerard.
He had done too many things, and lied too many times for me to care.

“Gerard?” I dug my fingers into his ribs, making him roll over on the floor, “get the fuck off the floor.”
I gave him a kick to get him up.
“Fuck off,” he snapped, climbing onto his bed.
“Fine bitch,” I stormed out of the room. I went into the living room and looked to see whether Mikey was still asleep then I went into the kitchen to make myself and Gerard a coffee.

“Here, you lazy motherfucker. Go ahead, choke on it,” I smiled sarcastically at Gerard, holding out the coffee infront of his face.
He sat up and blinked several times, before taking the scolding mug into his hands and staring up at me blankly.
“Okay, whatever you want, choke or just sit and burn your hands, either way I don’t give a shit.” I sat down beside him.
He looked shocked.
“Close your mouth Gerard, you trying to catch flies?” I tapped my fingers underneath his chin to close his gaping mouth.
“Go on, choke and die big boy,” I grinned.
“I.. I.. I don’t get it,” he started.
“Drink the fucking liquid,” I gave him a blank look.
“Coffee.” He murmured.
“Yes. Well done, have a gold medal.” I said.
Damn I should stop being so sarcastic.
“So how’s things?” I asked.
“Whaa?” he replied, looking sleepy and hung-over.
“How are you feeling, love of my life?” I smiled.
He necked the whole mug of coffee. Down in one.
“Not so good,” he gargled.
“You wanna tell me where you were till 4am?” I raised my eyebrows.
“I was out.” he said.
“Yes, I gathered that you stupid fuck. Where were you, out?” I spoke slowly.
“I was just out okay, you sound like my mom.” I knew he had been drinking; there was no doubt about it. He was seriously gone.
“Why are you here, mom,” Gerard frowned, tilting his head to one side.
“I’m here because you and I were supposed to be staying here together for the night, I haven’t seen you in, what, a month,” I stated what I thought was the obvious.
“Well I’m sorry your wife didn’t turn up for the meal,” he slurred.
“What the fuck. Gerard did you hear a word I said just then?” I groaned.
“What?” he turned looked into my eyes.
“Fuck you.” I said, flopping back and leaning up against his wall whilst sat on his bed.
“What did I do?” he asked. He seriously didn’t have a fucking clue.
“Gerard are you taking anything?” I was quick to fling the question at him.
“What do you mean sir?” he hiccupped.
“I mean, are you taking any pills or something else…”I sat upright again.
He leaned over and kissed my lips softly.
His tongue tasted strongly of liquor and his breath smelt of cigarettes.
“You got what you wanted.” he laid back, banging his head on the wall.
“What are you on?” I sighed, “Literally.”

“Gerard, what is this?” I threw the bag at him.
“Where did you get that?” I picked up the bag and held it tightly in his hands.
“No. I think the question is, where the fuck did you get that?” I said.
“I..I..” he stuttered.
“When were you going to tell me, Gee?” I put my hand on his shoulder,
“what are they for?”
“Its xanax.” he replied simply.
“Okay. I’m supposed to know what that is?” I raised my eyebrows at him and stared until he spoke.
“Yeah.” he smirked.
I slapped his face. The force of my hand left a red mark on his cheek.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” I cried, putting one hand over my mouth and reaching out for his face with the other.
“It’s alright. I suppose I deserved it,” he rubbed his cheek.
“You didn’t, I’m sorry,” I bit my lip.
“Okay. It’s alright, beautiful,” he smiled, “now, xanax is a drug used for depression. I didn’t wanna tell you, Im sorry.”
“Depression?” I was confused, “why are you depressed, baby you should have said something.”
“I don’t know. I guess it’s just the pressure of being a father. I’m only 16, it gets me down, honey.” he swayed from side to side, then after a few minutes he crashed down sideways, so that his head rested on my knees.
I stroked his hair for the first time in ages.
This was the closest we had been in a whole month.
It felt so nice to have him so near to me. It felt like it used to be, before Tyler was born. I felt like I did last night. With Gerard’s brother.
“You should have said something. You’ve been so distant lately. And what’s this then, if that’s for depression, what’s that for?” I pointed at the tin, also inside the bag that fell from Gerard’s pocket the night before.
“I need a drink,” he murmured sitting up.
“Gee, you just had a coffee,” I sighed.
“No, I mean, I need a drink,” he got up and went downstairs, I followed curiously.
I watched as he rooted through the kitchen, turning it upside down until he found what he wanted.
“Aha,” he said, pulling two bottles from the cupboard.
I stared in shock as he necked both of the bottles of vodka in less that 10 seconds.
“What the fuck are you doing?” I cried.
He wobbled over to me and smiled wonkily, before taking the bag from my hand and opening up the tin inside.
“What is it? Gerard, please tell me,” I pleaded.
He pulled out a cigarette from the tin and lit it in his mouth. Taking a deep breath in, he then exhaled and sighed, smiling at me again.
“Gerard, please,” I walked slowly towards him.
“Coke okay,” he said, pushing past me.
“What!” I cried.
“Fucking crack, are you deaf?” he laughed in my face.
“What? Gerard you can’t be serious. Do you know what that stuff can do to you? Its fucking illegal Gerard!” I yelled.
“So what. I don’t care. Yeah I know what it does to me, that’s why I smoke it dumb fuck. And you can’t shout at me for doing something that’s illegal. Look at you getting knocked up at 15,” he laughed.
“Fucking hell Gerard, you…” I was cut off mid sentence by Gerard’s voice.
“Just get off my case,” He said, walking through the kitchen, into the hallway and out of the front door.
“Where are you going?” I sobbed at the door, tears in my eyes.
I fell down into a heap in the hallway, only to be found by Mikey who had just woken up from the noise of the door slamming.
“Sarah? What’s wrong?” Mikey knelt down beside me and pulled me into his arms, “don’t cry baby, what’s wrong?”
“It was fucking cocaine Mikey. He’s killing himself.”

[Sorry this chapter is mainly speech, but here it is. (I finally added it Samantha.) Reviews please.]
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