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These eyes, have had too much to drink again

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We sat on the sofa together once more, his arms wrapped tightly around me, pressing me up against his chest as I sobbed.
“Don’t cry, babe, it’ll be okay, I promise,” he comforted me.
“But Mikey, I’m so scared for him, I’m scared of what he is doing to himself,” I cried, soaking his shirt in tears.
I looked up from his tear stained top and stared at him, waiting for him to tell me the answer to everything. He just sighed and squeezed me tight.
My lips were suddenly drawn to his, as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip, thinking what to do.
He looked down at me. Realising I wanted the same thing as he did; he laid me back onto the sofa and placed his body on top of mine. Our lips collided.
The feeling of his tongue sweeping across my mouth made my heart race. Our legs became entwined and our hands roamed about each other’s bodies.

“I have to go,” I got up suddenly, knocking Mikey back.
“But…” he stuttered, shocked, as I quickly slipped on my shoes and hurried through the front door.
I ran down the drive, and just as I reached the corner, I heard the door opening and Mikey’s voice calling my name.
Without looking back once, I continued to run all the way back to my house.

I straightened out my creased clothes and wiped my eyes, before entering the kitchen where I heard the voices of my family.
“Hello darling,” my father greeted me.
“Hi dad,” I faked a smile.
My mum looked up and smiled lovingly. She held in her arms, a hungry little boy, slurping milk from his bottle.
“How has he been?” I asked my mum.
“He’s been an angel,” she replied.
“Thanks so much for taking care of him whilst I was out, I really appreciate it,” I sat down beside my brother at the table.
They were eating their breakfast.
“So, what did you and Gerard get up to last night,” Frank smirked at me.
“Nothing,” I frowned.
“My ass. C’mon give me the details, did you have sex?” He nudged me, grinning.
“Frank!” mum squeaked.
“What? You know they’ve already done it, you’re holding the result,” he laughed, “So? You did it, admit it.”
“No we did not.” I kicked him under the table and scowled at him, “We just talked actually.”
“Oh, so you managed to get some words to come out of his mouth then?” Frank said with a mouthful of baked beans.
“What do you mean?” I looked puzzled.
“He’s always too drunk to speak nowadays,” Frank shovelled down some more food.
“What? Gerard? Drunk? He is only 16,” my dad looked shocked.
He put down his paper and looked at me, “Is this true Sarah?”
”Well, he does drink, but Frank is exaggerating,” I lied.
“Im not lying, dad. He came round to Rays the other night totally bladdered and he hadn’t got a clue where he was and…” I kicked Frank in the shin to shut him up.
“Well, I don’t want him near Tyler in that state,” dad said, disgusted.
“Thanks brother,” I clenched my fist and punched my hand infront of Franks face.
“Now now Sarah. Your father is right, until he is in a stable state of mind, he shouldn’t be allowed to handle the baby,” my mum went all psychiatric on my ass.
“Mum, trust me, he’s fine,” I stole some toast off Franks plate.
“Hey, I was gonna eat that!” he squeaked, making me laugh.

“I’ll take him mum,” I got up from my seat and took Ty from her arms.
“Have you been a good boy,” I said in a funny voice, continuing to feed him.
I took him into the front room to get some time alone with him.
It’s unbelievable how much I missed him last night.
Memories of the night before flashed back in my mind, but a ring of the doorbell made me come back to earth.
“Ill get it,” I shouted, heading for the door.
I struggled to open in with Ty in my arms, but I finally managed.
“Mikey, What are you doing here?” I was shocked to see him standing on the other side of the door.
He pushed past me and went into the front room.
“I came to make sure you were okay. You left in a hurry,” He looked concerned.
“I just had to get home, that’s all,” I smiled.
“It wasn’t anything to do with me then?” He asked.
“Hell no. Nothing you were doing made me want to leave, trust me Mikey,” I laughed, making his face light up and a smile appear.
“So, how’s my nephew?” he smiled and held out his arms.
I passed Ty over into his arms and watched as he rocked him back and forth.
“Uncle Mikey would make you a great daddy,” I said.
Mikey lifted his head and stared at me in shock. A small smile appeared.
“D’ya really think so?” Mikey said, looking proud.
“Of course, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean in,” I smiled, sitting down on the sofa.

“Hey! Mikey, ‘sup dude?” Frank walked in, “I didn’t know it was you at the door.”
“Hey dude, yeah, just come over to see this little monster,” he smiled at me. I guess he was thinking about what I had just said to him.
“Yeah, Uncle Frank loves this little monster,” Frank said in a baby voice and tickled underneath Ty’s chin.
“Yeah,” was all Mikey contributed.
“So Mikey, You’ll tell me the truth, what did our siblings get up to last night? She is lying, I know it, she said they didn’t do…” Frank covered Ty’s ears, “”
Suddenly there was another knock at the door.
Frank answered it, and a very drunk Gerard Way swayed and fell through it.
“What the hell?” Frank said, picking Gerard back up onto his feet and leading him into the room.
“Gerard?” I helped Frank sit him down on the sofa, and I cradled his face in my hands, “My God, are you alright?”
He didn’t look good at all. He looked worse than last night. He could barely keep his eyes open.
“Gerard,” Mikey passed Tyler over to Frank and sat down at the other side of his brother on the sofa, “Look at me, Gerard. You have to get cleaned up dude, you’re a wreck.”
Gerard mumbled something bizarre.
“C’mon, you’re coming home with me bro.” Mikey picked Gerard up onto his feet, and guided him towards the door, “Sorry guys, I’ll see you later, I have to do something about this,” Mikey sighed and left.
“If he was like that last night, I doubt he’d even know where his dick was,” Frank laughed.
“You cover his ears when you say ‘it’ but its totally fine to say that infront of him?” I punched Frank playfully, “And how many times do I have to tell you, nothing happened.”
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